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14 minutes ago

What will the future of work – and its workforce – be like?

A Workforce of the Future survey conducted in EMEA by Cisco says employees want to retain some aspects of remote working, such as increased autonomy and faster decision-making.


Frictionless engagement with contact centres

Companies wanting to survive the pandemic’s fallout have to accelerate the pace at which they move to frictionless customer engagement, says SAP Digital Interconnect.


Remote working poses compliance challenges

It has become far more difficult for CFOs to ensure compliance across a decentralised network and a scattered workforce.


How the cloud is helping to combat COVID-19

Had the COVID-19 pandemic occurred prior to the large uptake of cloud technology, the economic fallout would have been far worse.

Sep 25, 2020

Professional services firms must digitally transform

Embracing digitisation will empower CFOs to help their firms meet the growing market demand for specialisation and niche services within their own operations.

Sep 22, 2020

Digital transformation in a post-COVID world

Digital transformation is about changing the way you use technologies to do business.

Sep 11, 2020

Essential skills for the visionary CFO

As finance enters the CFO 3.0 era, CFOs need tools that enable them to deliver on their core competencies.


CFOs through the ages – from technocrat to strategic visionary

Modern financial tools have significantly transformed CFOs' roles by giving them access to the accurate, timely, and often real-time data their predecessors never dreamed possible.


How to develop and deliver messaging solutions that enhance customer experience – fast

To be competitive, organisations must deliver effective and efficient messaging solutions across multiple communications channels, says Uffe Jes Hansen, VP MEA at SAP Digital Interconnect.

Aug 21, 2020

SA CFOs rise to challenges posed by COVID-19

With CFOs freed from the shackles of number-crunching, data integration and reporting, they can turn their attention to modernising business processes.

Aug 13, 2020

CFOs: How to survive in a post-COVID world

CFOs are playing a more versatile role than ever before, merging their accounting skills with analytics, business management and strategic thinking.


Staying current in the future

Agility is probably the only way companies will stay in business as the world changes and technology evolves the way businesses operate and customers engage.