Marilyn de Villiers

It's an Agile world: long live Waterfall

Agile fits the `disruptive' brief, but comes in different forms, a recent PMO Forum event in Johannesburg heard.

How to survive AI and automation

Some of the pure skills involved in project management increasingly will be done by the machines, says the McKinsey Global Institute.

10 most promising jobs and in-demand skills for 2018

Six of the 10 most promising jobs for 2018 which were identified in a recent LinkedIn survey require project management competencies.

15 most popular development languages, according to GitHub

Of the 24 million developers using GitHub, only 486 000 were registered from the entire African continent.

Technology trends that are reshaping BPM solutions

BPM technologies are emerging as complete solutions - process-centric applications that are suited for increasingly complex business processes, says TEC.

What lies ahead for open source?

As open source enters its third decade, the founders of the movement look at what the years ahead will be marked by.

Digital transformation without BPM - a recipe for failure

Chaotic processes undermine the benefits of the underlying technologies being deployed.

Open source in the realm of social justice

The open Web and its power to drive inclusion, participation and global impact cannot be underestimated, says an open data advocate.

Facebook open source initiative to boost network development

Jan 25, 2018

Facebook has decided to open source Open/R, which it uses in its backbone and data centre networks.

Is BPM under threat from RPA bots?

Jan 25, 2018

Many are questioning whether there is still a place for business process management in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Should Microsoft Excel be banned from the project management arena?

Jan 17, 2018

It's hard to see how Excel can meet the project management and collaboration needs of today's work teams, says Redbooth's VP.

How robotics impacts BPM, contact centre automation

Jan 16, 2018

Used correctly, RPA would augment and complement existing BPM systems and contact centre applications.