Marilyn de Villiers

Top five worst practices for BI and analytics

Business intelligence and analytics success is not an event, it is a journey, says Melissa Treier, VP of corporate sales at Information Builders.


Seven must-haves for business intelligence success

There are seven key factors that can mean the difference between an analytics project succeeding or failing, says AccTech's Karl Dinkelmann.

12 Mar

People needed to derive value from data

Unless people are empowered to become data literate, businesses will never get the most out of their second most valuable asset, says SAQlik MD James Hickman.

12 Mar

Data cannot provide insights, only people can

Data only works when you exchange insights with others, collaborate and interrogate it, says BI `rockstar' Donald Farmer.


Open source breaches, vulnerabilities on the up

Two independent surveys reveal a rise in the number of open source vulnerabilities and breaches in the past year.


Massive growth in open source adoption in 2018

A Snyk report reveals how large the growth in development and uptake of open source software has been in the past year.


Cloud vendors 'strip mining' open source: MariaDB's CEO

The CEO of MariaDB launched a vigorous attack on organisations that were not giving back to the open source community.


Prevent app clutter from undermining digital transformation

BPM can help to streamline application management within a digital transformation initiative by extending the lifetime of applications due to be phased out.

Feb 19, 2019

No one-size-fits-all competencies for project management

In today's era of digital disruption, there is no single template that can be applied to determine which core PM competencies are required.

Feb 18, 2019

Is South Africa ready for large-scale process automation?

Not yet, says Ovations' business process specialist.

Feb 18, 2019

More input required for PMO Insights research

The first formal research into the state project management offices in South Africa is underway - but more input is required.

Feb 8, 2019

Procure-to-pay in public sector

Automated P2P process in government departments is essential for clean audits.