Marilyn de Villiers

Lack of urgency regarding known OS vulnerabilities

36 minutes ago

The 2018 OSSRA report, which made this finding, viewed it as concerning, because open source adoption continues to accelerate.

Businesses ignore OS licensing at their peril

Open source licence non-compliance is a major risk for companies of all sizes, the 2018 OSSRA report reveals.

Digital transformation pushing businesses to modernisation processes

The modernisation of processes is a key requirement in many industries, says an Infosys survey.

How to use storytelling to get buy-in for projects

Corporate storytelling is an art all PMOs should work at mastering.

First-ever research into South African PMOs underway

Project Portfolio Office is conducting the first ever comprehensive survey of project management offices in SA.

WordPress celebrates 15 years with worldwide parties

Parties will be held in Cape Town and Johannesburg ahead of the software's 15th anniversary, on 27 May.

4 steps to get management on board with BPM

Less than 10% of leadership teams embrace BPM as a management discipline, despite clear long-term benefits, says Spanyi International.

Open source vs free software: what's the difference?

Free software is a social movement, while open source is a development methodology.

How to measure the value of project management

One way is to introduce the concept of a PMO Delight Index, according to local consultancy Ulwembu.

Open source drives development in motor industry

Automotive Grade Linux brings together vehicle manufacturers and technology companies to develop an open platform for the `connected' car.

Process innovation drives business innovation

New, disruptive companies were not founded on technology innovation but on process innovation, says BPM-D.

DevOps or Agile: Which do software developers prefer?

GitLab's latest survey revealed that high-performing teams were more likely to have a strong DevOps culture.