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AI to the rescue of SA’s floundering manufacturing sector

Visual AI can unlock visual intelligence from the production floor, giving manufacturers access to data they have never had in the past, says visionAI.


How to address employee AI fears

Overcoming initial resistance and concerns about job security can pave the way to embracing AI as a tool for enhancing skills and productivity, says Mint Group.

Cloud ComputingDec 14, 2023

Large language models – powerful productivity tool to be used with care

Although the potential benefits of LLMs in the workplace are enormous, adoption and implementation of the technology should still be approached with care, says Mint Group.

Cloud ComputingNov 9, 2023

Advancing the frontlines: The new era of cyber security

While perimeter protection remains important, it's only one part of a multidirectional approach, which includes data protection, identity management and privacy concerns.


AI-driven CRM a business game-changer

The AI trend in CRM will lead to a more holistic and seamless customer experience, says Mint Group.


Tips to make digital transformation succeed

Most companies approach digital transformation from a technology perspective when it should be a strategic initiative, says Mint Group.

Cloud ComputingJul 20, 2023

Reduce payroll costs with workforce management software

AI-driven, cloud-based workforce management software can deliver a holistic, real-time view of the workforce across all departments and locations.


How to get the most from KPIs

A balanced scorecard measures the employee’s contribution to and impact on different aspects of the business, rather than focusing on how well the employee performs daily tasks.

DevicesJun 29, 2023

AI-based computer vision technology – solution to Eskom’s woes?

Computer vision technology is not only being used to prevent negative consequences, but also to boost productivity, says visionAI.

InnovationsApr 17, 2023

Top 10 technologies revolutionising marketing

Sugeshni Subroyen, Mint Group head of brand, examines the top 10 technologies that are set to change the face of marketing in the short- to medium-term.

Health techMar 31, 2023

Is custom-built BPM software for everyone?

By delivering tailored solutions, a BPM platform can help companies overcome their unique challenges, optimise their processes and improve productivity.


Tips to get the most out of BPM software

To integrate systems successfully, it is crucial to understand the data that needs to be transferred between the systems, says FlowCentric Technologies.