MicroStrategy unveils Cloud Express

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MicroStrategy has introduced the beta release of MicroStrategy Cloud Express, which it says is the only SaaS-based BI solution that enables any user, regardless of size, to automate publication of personalised reports and dashboards to any size group - up to hundreds of thousands of recipients.

The company says this adds a new service level to the MicroStrategy Cloud, which first became available in 2011 with Personal and Platform service options. The product now includes three distinct services.

The first service, 'Personal', allows any user to create a free account, upload their data and then analyse it using rich, interactive visualisations with just a few clicks. Users can then quickly share insights with colleagues or friends in a matter of minutes.

The second, 'Platform', is a service based on a tightly integrated, highly optimised infrastructure that combines the latest MicroStrategy business intelligence software, plus its analytical database, as well as data integration hardware and software from best-of-breed partners.

For enterprise BI needs, the full cloud platform is available as a managed service to companies that need the full spectrum of enterprise business intelligence, to quickly build and deliver enterprise mobile apps, or realise the potential of big data analytics.

'Express', the third service, extends the personal experience to enable subscribers to automatically build, schedule and deliver customised analytics and other content to any number of recipients based on their privileges or role in the organisation.

“Subscribers can quickly get started, get results and start publishing their data and insights. Recipients can access pixel-perfect reports or interact with dashboards and other content through a secure, high-performance mobile application experience,” says Mark LaRow, SVP Products at MicroStrategy.

He says the product will be released as a subscription-based service, with subscribers only paying for the services they use each month. “In this way, it's easy for businesses to start small and grow their implementation as needed. They also have the option of moving to full platform services if they require additional functionality not included in Express.”

According to LaRow, companies can also migrate from the cloud service to an on-premise solution if they wish to do so. “This approach gives businesses the flexibility to get started quickly and grow organically, yet gives IT departments the option to take an active role to support new solution requirements or closely manage the system for security, governance, compliance or other needs.”

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