Local firm to launch Seee In app for businesses, shoppers

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Richard Magwaza, CEO at Seee In Communications.
Richard Magwaza, CEO at Seee In Communications.

Local firm, Seee In Communications, has announced the pending launch of Seee In mobile app. The app, which aims to offer dual benefits that cater to both consumers and businesses, is expected to help businesses to increase their footprint while affording users the luxury of browsing virtual stores on the platform.

"Seee In is a multifunctional global mobile virtual services platform that offers location-based digital shopping, access to information on surrounding amenities, marketing and advertising services within a 50km radius of the user," says Richard Magwaza, CEO at Seee In communications, "We have established this platform for various businesses to have access to their potential and current customers. Information that is relevant and caters for those particular consumers' needs is communicated using the geo-location feature."

Magwaza adds businesses that sign up and enlist their services on the app will pay a monthly fee, "Businesses that register with Seee In can maximise their advertising and marketing offering as they can adjust and diversify their tactics. The results of their marketing inbound strategies can be measured immediately because the app has an imbedded analytics tool. These analytics enable a business to identify areas that need improvement, as well as highlight products and services that consumers like. Bearing in mind that every business is in operation to make a profit, this will positively impact their profits."

For consumers, the app is expected to notify users of specials or deals and services on preferred products. "The app also provides the customer with more information about a particular product, such as price, specials, deals, availability and location. This content filtering feature enhances customer experience, as all notifications are sent based on user preference. The ability to see and share content with family and friends also allows customers to be turned to leads," he added.

The company says the app was developed using Swift, which is the programming language for iOS devices and Java, the programming language for Android devices.

The app will be accessible globally iOS and Android devices in the first quarter of 2018.

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