UK-based PCI Pal expands to SA

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Tony Smith, EMEA sales director at PCI Pal.
Tony Smith, EMEA sales director at PCI Pal.

UK-headquartered payment security solutions provider to contact centres, PCI Pal, has expanded to SA.

It has signed up telecommunications and customer engagement solutions company, Ninzi-Connect, as its first reseller.

Established in 2001, PCI Pal provides secure payment solutions for contact centres and businesses which collect cardholder not present payments.

Its core cloud-based solutions Agent Assist and Payment IVR utilise dual-tone multi-frequency masking technology to provide companies with a secure way of handling payments by phone.

The company has offices in London and Suffolk in the UK, and in Charlotte, US.

PCI Pal solutions work by integrating with calls, and at the point of payment, intercepting the key tones as they are entered by the customer on their telephone keypad.

The partnership deal will allow Ninzi-Connect to sell PCI Pal's suite of solutions to contact centre customers across the continent, ensuring data security regulatory compliance is met.

"While SA is a new market for us, it is clear that, with the upcoming Protection of Personal Information Act, the focus on data and payment security will only increase," says Tony Smith, EMEA sales director at PCI Pal.

"This, in turn, will ensure businesses take a more robust approach to payment card security, ensuring they are payment card industry (PCI) compliant.

"Business process outsourcing is a well-established and successful service industry in SA, with many organisations operating large contact centres. Ninzi-Connect is a great partner for us in reaching these organisations."

PCI Pal says it already supports large organisations globally, in the financial services, retail, travel, hospitality and telecoms sectors, which have a contact centre that manages payments by telephone,interactive voice response systems, SMS or Web-chat.

"We believe there is a real gap in the South African market for a service like ours and so look forward to supporting organisations across the region, and beyond. We are excited to enter SA as a new territory for our business and will certainly consider more partnerships across Africa in the future, as we become more established," notes Smith.

Johannesburg based Ninzi-Connect has over 20 years' experience in providing businesses with contact centre management solutions, which include call automation, interactive voice response, workforce optimisation, interaction recording and quality management.

Ninzi-Connect says PCI Pal's secure payments solutions will strengthen its existing product portfolio and allow it to future-proof its customers' contact centre operations, in line with SA's compliance legislations.

Ken Ellwood, business development manager at Ninzi-Connect, says: "Wanting to ensure our customer base is able to future-proof against data risks, while ensuring regulatory requirements, served as the impetus to review our PCI data security standard compliance solutions.

"Having compared a number of potential partners, we felt that PCI Pal's cloud-based and payment-agnostic solutions are a superior fit for our needs. Additionally, the team was very responsive and able to work with us to ensure a seamless process."

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