Capitec outage leads to systems blackout at branches

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Capitec’s downtime across all its digital banking channels entered the second day today, as the bank battles to resolve the issue.

Yesterday, the bank’s clients were up in arms after they realised they couldn’t access their mobile app, USSD service or swipe their cards to pay at local retailers.

In a statement, Capitec confirms the outage has not yet been resolved, with the bank’s branches also being affected.

“Capitec Bank is still experiencing an infrastructure problem in the central servers that support our banking channels. We realise this is a terrible experience for our clients and apologise for the inconvenience if you have tried to make use of our banking app, USSD and internet banking in the last 24 hours.”

While the bank’s branches are open, the systems are also offline, it says.

The bank maintains it is committed to resolving this as “soon as possible” and has a team of technology experts trying to correct the problem.

Capitec customers continue to share their frustrations on Twitter, with the #Capitec hashtag trending on the social media platform. Some of the bank’s customers have been raising concerns about their funds possibly disappearing from their bank accounts.

UncleT (@tiyanimbhungana) wrote: “One day Capitec will run away with our money you will see.”

Lawrence Sika Nhlapo (@NhlapoSika) said: “You can't use Capitec bank as your primary account; it should be your additional account just to be on the safe side, in case of anything.”

Discovery Bank also took a swipe at Capitec, responding to a frustrated Capitec customer (Seponono) by writing: “You really cannot continue to struggle like this Seponono sa rona.”

Clients have been advised to make use of card payments and ATMs.

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