HP reduces app test cycles

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HP has introduced TruClient technology that it says reduces application test cycles by simplifying an extremely time-consuming task - the creation of scripts for performance testing.

Modern testing tools may have simplified the process of capturing test scripts by recording a user's interaction with an application, however, there is still a major amount of programming required to make scripts usable, says HP.

The company says this applies to Web 2.0 applications in particular, where current scripting methods are not often able to correctly capture all user interactions with the application.

In addition, HP says programming scripts is time consuming, requires skilled technical experts, and for Web 2.0 applications, it is often inaccurate.

By integrating the script recording and editing process, clients are able to customise tests as they record interactions with the application. This streamlines the scripting process to reduce testing time and shorten release cycles. Faster, easier scripting also improves business efficiency.

HP says its TruClient technology can accurately and quickly test all types of Web 2.0 applications, no matter which framework or toolkit. Reliable, accurate performance testing early in the application life cycle eliminates potential problems throughout the application's life.

The product supports simple Web as well as modern JavaScript-based applications. It employs a patented approach to object recognition that provides clients with a flexible and extensible solution for testing Web 2.0 applications, the company concludes.

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