Netstar, WeBuyCars team up to boost vehicle safety

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Online vehicle sales marketplace WeBuyCars has signed a partnership agreement with vehicle-tracking company Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, to install its vehicle-tracking technology in pre-owned vehicles.

WeBuyCars is a dealer in used vehicles in SA. The online automobile firm purchases used vehicles mainly from private sellers and then on-sells them to used car dealers and private consumers.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the surge in demand for affordable vehicles, and the safety and convenience of e-commerce, resulted in an increase in online used-vehicle sales, according to the company.

With the South African economy still in turmoil due to the pandemic and the crime level continuing to escalate, the companies say there is a need to protect vehicles from the moment of purchase.

To address this requirement, Netstar partnered with WeBuyCars to provide quick, on-site fitment of tracking devices for clients purchasing vehicles from

Each WeBuyCars warehouse has an in-house Netstar technician who will ensure the vehicle is protected when it leaves.

“This partnership is significant in that it ensures convenience, peace of mind, and cost-effective vehicle ownership at a time when it is sorely needed,” says Netstar MD Pierre Bruwer.

“During the purchase process, a new owner can simply request the vehicle-tracking package they require, and a new tracking device will be installed at the WeBuyCars warehouse.”

Netstar offers tracking and recovery solutions tailored to private vehicle owners, SMEs running small fleets, as well as commercial enterprises operating large fleets. Tracking packages can also be purchased using Netstar’s own e-commerce platform.

SA’s crime statistics for the fourth quarter of the 2020/21 year show car hijackings reached a five-year high between January and March.

“We’re proud to be able to offer WeBuyCars clients the effectiveness of Netstar tracking, with its 90% recovery rate, the convenience of fitment and the efficiency of meeting insurance tracking requirements – all on site, while they finalise the paperwork for their new car,” says Janson Ponting, sales director at WeBuyCars.

E-commerce has become the platform of choice, particularly since the pandemic, not only for purchasing smaller products but also for vehicle buyers, adds Bruwer.

The Competition Tribunal recently gave the go-ahead for JSE-listed investor group Transaction Capital to buy a controlling 74.9% stake in WeBuyCars.

That deal came after the competition authority blocked publishing, online and retail group Naspers from buying a 60% controlling stake in WeBuyCars, warning this would be unfair competition.

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