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Empowering employees to become data literate

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James Hickman, MD at SA Qlik.
James Hickman, MD at SA Qlik.

For many years, business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools and processes were complicated, with users having to run to the technical department every time they needed a question about their data answered, delaying business insights and the associated benefits.

ITWeb Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2019

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Self-service BI and analytics can remove this complexity and give users the insights they need, without specialist input and waiting weeks to get the needed answers.

However, it isn't just a question of 'plug and play', says James Hickman, MD at SA Qlik.

Hickman will be speaking at ITWeb Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2019, to be held from 12 to 14 March at The Forum, in Bryanston, on implementing self-service BI and analytics.

Where do businesses go wrong when it comes to self-service BI and analytics?

"Like most things in life, it takes time for people to build capability, and different people have different levels of skill. Self-service BI is not an on or off solution. It requires a framework and safety net for people to grow in, and in doing so, empowering them to do their best work," says Hickman.

"Many businesses will tell you that their people are their most important assets, but then they will limit them to restrictive reports and information, and in doing so, curb the ability of the person to drive the business forward through better decision-making."

Businesses usually have tons of data, many systems and IT teams to make it all work, says Hickman. "What companies lack are people with the relevant knowledge and skills to truly make use of the data and taking it from data through to actionable insights."

Delegates attending Hickman's talk will leave with tangible ideas and concepts on how best to think about implementing self-service BI, the reasons all companies should be thinking about it, and how to empower the people of the company to become data literate.

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