How to realise ROI in your CX initiative

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Yugeshree Frylinck
Yugeshree Frylinck

Customer experience (CX) is the new battlefield for businesses of every size and across every industry - these days, CX is how they compete and set themselves apart from their competitors.

However, delivering a good customer experience isn’t all that easy as organisations need to ask themselves not only what their customers want, but what they will want in the future.

When asked where businesses are going wrong when it comes to CX, Yugeshree Frylinck, customer experience officer, founder and managing consultant of The CX Group, says leadership is not brave enough to make the necessary changes.

Too often, she says the EXCO is happy to sponsor but not to get involved, and success is reliant on them walking the walk.

According to her, CX is not a project, and it does not have an end date. “Also, culture is integral to the success of becoming a company that naturally puts the customer at the centre.”

Speaking of what she sees as the biggest trends in CX currently, Frylinck cites digital customer experience, which is becoming available across channels.

Personalisation is another major trend, however, she says this is easier said than done, as it cannot happen without clean and solid data insights.

Frylinck will be presenting on ‘How to realise ROI in your CX initiative’, at the ITWeb CX Summit 2020, to be hosted virtually this week. Delegates attending her talk will learn how to sell their CX strategy to executive and gain support, as well as what should be considered when implementing an ROI model.

Finally, she will discuss what a customer experience framework should look like, and what metrics can be built into businesses and what to watch out for. 

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