BCX rolls out SDN offerings

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BCX has introduced an end-to-end software-defined network (SDN) suite of products, as the ICT firm aggressively pursues its strategy to become a leading provider of end-to-end digital solutions in Africa.

The offering comes less than a month after the Telkom subsidiary launched BCX Exa, a digital unit of the ICT services company focused on helping local organisations to create digital capabilities, including setting up an online presence and offering digital solutions.

The suite of multi-domain SDN solutions aim to help companies across various sectors effectively manage their expansion plans in mobile, Internet of things (IOT), cloud and security technologies.

BCX says the solutions will also allow companies to simplify network management, at a reduced cost, while tackling performance, security and management challenges involving highly distributed applications, data, multiple users and devices.

The global SDN market is expected to reach $70.41 billion by 2024, according to research firm Grand View Research.

Since SDN promotes flexibility and scalability in the network, along with helping streamline operations, it is increasingly being used by enterprises, telecoms service providers and cloud providers, among others.

“Intent-based networks work by having the network administrator define a desired state of the network. The automation protocols monitor the network and execute operation improvements until the network is optimised. This is a stark departure from the way enterprise networks are managed today,” explains Julian Liebenberg, chief of converged communications at BCX.

The product suite allows a user to connect to an organisation’s application regardless of where that user is. The multi-domain architecture applies consistent policy and assurance across the domains.

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated digital transformation in SA and the world. It has brought the evolution that the technology industry has been preparing for, notes BCX.

As a technology company, BCX says it now considers itself an essential service that seeks to play its part in the national effort in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, by ensuring a secure and robust infrastructure is in place for local businesses.

In March, the company launched its network security service in a move that would see BCX reposition itself to fight cyber crime. Through a partnership with global IT services company, Atos, BCX offers companies a full spectrum of advanced detection and response services to observe and analyse threats on a minute-by-minute basis and to help protect against cyber breaches.

“Smart IOT devices are notorious for increasing the available attack surface and must be properly secured. User experience that is crucial for any digital initiative to work needs a robust network that can prioritise application traffic dynamically,” says BCX.

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