Huge Group, MTN enter telephony services pact

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James Herbst, CEO of Huge Group.
James Herbst, CEO of Huge Group.

Telecoms specialist Huge Group today announced it has entered a partnership with mobile operator MTN to provide additional telecommunications services to the Huge Group of companies.

MTN refers to these latest services as an MSN GSM Multi-Line Hunting Solution, says Huge in a statement.

Andy Openshaw, chief operations officer of Huge Group, says this solution will be the new foundation for Huge Telecom’s full suite telephony service, a service that substitutes fixed-line copper cables (plain old telephone lines) with a wireless, GSM-based solution for corporate telephony.

“We believe that this partnership with MTN brings the credibility we need to aggressively grow this market segment,” Openshaw says.

“We have proved that GSM is the perfect substitute for copper cables in delivering corporate PABX telephony solutions. Importantly, MTN has a quality network with significant coverage and is a highly respected mobile network operator that brings innovative solutions to market.”

Huge Telecom has over 20 000 customers and 43 000 telephone lines.“We didn’t realise how successful Huge Telecom had been in substituting copper cables with GSM,” says Quintus De Beer, general manager technology and MNS business partners at MTN.

“We are excited to be participating in this opportunity. With the Huge Group of companies, we think that we can bring significant competition to the fixed line voice telephony market.”

Robert Burger, managing director of Huge Telecom, says “I am amazed at how quickly MTN’s network team built the solution to meet all of our needs. We were blown away.”

“This is a very exciting day for me,” says James Herbst, chief executive officer of Huge Group. “I had a vision of this day 10 years ago and as a result we embarked on a journey to re-engineer Huge Telecom to focus on GSM as the last mile telephone technology, rather than the flavour of the month VOIP options.

“GSM was built for voice; it simply is far superior to IP voice for our wireless SME and Corporate customers. I knew we would get here – I just didn’t know when,” he says.

De Beer, adds: “Huge Telecom are focused on superior connectivity to the customers and this is clear in their decision to fund the interface build costs as well as placing an initial order of 20 000 telephone lines. We are proud to partner with them on this strategic deliverable” 

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