VMware makes security 'easy'

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When it comes to data centre and cloud edge, security has traditionally been implemented with expensive hardware appliances that are incapable of adapting to changing app environments.

At VMworld this week, VMware announced elastic application security edge (EASE), pronounced “easy”, that it says is an industry first and enables stronger, more flexible cloud-to-cloud security.

Joe Baguley, CTO of VMware EMEA, says EASE is a set of data plane services for networking, security and observability that are delivered with a scale-out distributed architecture that allows an EASE environment to grow and shrink as app needs change.

In this way, organisations can expand your application up and down with more traffic.VMware can also expand the infrastructure so services such as the firewall or load balancer also get bigger or smaller to meet the needs of the application.

He says EASE highlights VMware's approach to security, which is to look for gaps − rather than compete with the many vendors and solutions that already exist, the company is searching for gaps in innovation and trying to fill them with simple-to-use solutions.

EASE enables the networking and security infrastructure at the data centre or cloud edge to flex and adjust as app traffic changes. 

For the majority of companies focusing on securing only a single environment is impossible. VMware research reveals that customers are using multiple public clouds to run their business in addition to their on-premises data centre.

With this in mind, VMware has added  its next-generation unified search and investigation engine to its intelligent cloud security and compliance monitoring platform, CloudHealth Secure State.  This will improve visibility, security and compliance simultaneously across multiple public cloud environments, the company says. Customers now benefit from real-time search to find cloud resources, visualise relationships, inspect meta data and change activity, and overlay risk assessment across multiple cloud accounts, regions, and providers into a single actionable view.

Lastly, to combat the skyrocketing ransomware scourge, VMware debuted both advanced protection and rapid recovery from ransomware attacks.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud can now be enabled with a simple switch in VMware vCenter, making protection from ransomware attacks simpler and faster to deploy.

The company also announced rapid recovery capabilities in the event ransomware slips through the security nets. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is a simple, inexpensive disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution that enables more rapid recovery at scale so businesses are better positioned to avoid paying the ransom.

Users can employ a deep history of immutable snapshots stored in an isolated cloud file system, instant VM power-on for iterative security evaluations, and powerful orchestration for highly automated testing, failover, and failback to recover end-to-end IT apps and data sets after a ransomware attack.

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10 Aug
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