Mindjet showcases integrated solution

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Mindjet's new integrated solution promises to help businesses work smarter and faster and to promote a more collaborative working environment.

This is according to Bruce Skjolde, channel manager of Mindjet for the Middle East and Africa.

The incorporation of Mindjet's products, MindManager and Mindjet Connect, into one solution under the single Mindjet brand was announced a few weeks ago, and at Mindjet's Next Chapter Roadshow at Summer Place this week, the Mindjet team elaborated on the intricacies of this refurbished offering.

"The new Mindjet offering has brought all of our products together to provide a better collaborative solution," said Skjolde, adding that the brand wanted to simplify the product to make things less confusing for customers. The software is available at one subscription price, which Skjolde asserted will allow customers to plan budgets better and will enable businesses to access product updates as soon as they are released.

Mindjet experienced double-digit growth in SA over 2011/12, providing software that can be used to brainstorm, organise and manage a project across various devices. According to Skjolde, research conducted in the UK found that 57% of employees are overwhelmed by the volume of data they receive everyday, resulting in one in 10 employees being unhappy at work. With better organisation and collaboration, the Mindjet solution aims to alleviate this, said Skjolde.

"Mindjet is one product with multiple access points. It doesn't matter where you are or what device you are using, you can collaborate," he said.

For Colin Horner, MD of Visual Thinking, a local Mindjet premier reseller, Mindjet is about visually capturing and sharing ideas, adding that the software supports end-users by allowing them to work more effectively and efficiently. "Mindjet gives the user a more powerful way of leading a brainstorming session," Horner said.

At the breakfast road show, John Barber, pre-sales consultant for the NEWS region, demonstrated what the Mindjet product can actually do. The software can be used on Windows and Mac desktops, the Web, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android), and on-premise.

Several power outages on the day allowed Barber to demonstrate how the software works across various devices with real-time updates, as the information added on a desktop before the power went out was immediately available on an iPad, allowing him to continue his demonstration while the power was restored.

The software allows users to capture, organise, plan and act, something Barber pointed out sets Mindjet apart from its competitors. "One of the differences between Mindjet and other software is that the others lack the planning element of the Mindjet solution," said Barber. "Mindjet is flexible. There are so many ways to manipulate this software to suit your business' needs."

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