Tech lets people help WC disaster areas remotely

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Haven Shelters lets people sponsor a homeless person's bed.
Haven Shelters lets people sponsor a homeless person's bed.

Uber, Pick n Pay and other companies have come up with ways for people to donate goods to help the thousands of people who were displaced due to the storm which hit Cape Town this week and the fire which scorched Knysna and Plett yesterday.

The Knysna PnP has set up a way for people anywhere in the country to order and pay for items online which will then be taken to the relevant places.

"Knysna has been ravaged by disastrous fires, leading to evacuation and near-total destruction of the town. If you'd like to help in the disaster relief effort, Pick n Pay will gather and deliver any online purchases in aid of Knysna Fire Relief," the company said on its Web site.

To make donations, users log in to their PnP account and choose Knysna Fire Relief as the 'collection point' in the delivery. Once the purchase has been made, the company will arrange for it to go to the appropriate place.

Uber has partnered with Amplicon PR, Salute Event Solutions, 34 Degrees South and Stor-Age to facilitate the collection and distribution of physical donations.

Today, Uber users in Cape Town will be able to request an UberCOMMUNITY vehicle and have an Uber driver-partner come pick up donations and deliver them directly to Stor-Age depots across Cape Town.

Over the weekend, Amplicon PR, Salute Event Solutions and partners will sort the items and send to those affected across the Western Cape. There will be no fee when requesting the vehicle.

The companies put together a list of items needed, which include:

  • General toiletries and household items.
  • Baby products (formula, nappies, baby food).
  • Adult and children's clothing.
  • Sanitary pads.
  • Animal blankets and food.
  • Energy drinks, energy bars and water for the firefighters.
  • Tinned non-perishable food items.

All items donated in boxes or bags should be labelled with what is inside them. Uber says the drivers will not accept cash donations.

Haven Shelters has also created a campaign that lets people 'buy a bed' for a homeless person in Cape Town to have shelter for five days during the bad weather.

Other organisations such as Gift of the Givers, HDI Support and the Southern African Red Cross Society are also arranging areas where goods can be donated or time volunteered.

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