Google, VMware and Pivotal partner on Kubernetes

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VMware, Google and Pivotal Software have debuted Pivotal Container Service, a joint project that will give enterprise customers alternatives for moving part of their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

The service provides a simple way to deploy and operate production-ready Kubernetes on VMware's vSphere and Google's Cloud Platform. Kubernetes is an open-source platform designed to automate deploying, scaling, and operating application containers.

Pivotal Container Service is expected to become available in calendar Q4 2017, and ship as a standalone product able to integrate with Pivotal Cloud Foundry and VMware's software-defined data centre infrastructure.

The solution is a commercial release of the open-source Kubo technology, aimed at helping Global 2000 companies operationalise Kubernetes, says VMware.

"Software teams that have decided on containers as their unit of deployment need a reliable, scalable container orchestration platform like Kubernetes. Pivotal Container Service will help operations teams deliver a hardened, maintainable container platform, while giving developers on-demand access to a production-ready environment featuring high availability, security, and multi-tenancy across private and public clouds," the company says.

Sanjay Poonen, COO, Customer Operations, VMware, says his organisation partnered with Pivotal and Google, who are leaders in the application development platform space, to deliver an enterprise-ready Kubernetes solution integrated with VMware's software-defined data centre infrastructure.

"Pivotal Container Service is purpose-built to deliver Kubernetes that is easy-to-deploy and operate, ready for developer consumption, while addressing the operational needs of IT. This new solution is unique in its ability to enable developers and IT to work as one."

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