Aruba Networks

White paper: Connect your world with intelligent mobility

Aruba delivers IT solutions that empower organisations to serve #GenMobile: users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives.

Jun 20, 2018

Smart hotel of the future

Hotel operators that want to remain competitive and relevant will have to embrace IOT devices and related wireless innovations, says Pieter Engelbrecht, business unit manager for HPE Aruba.


The human side of the digital workplace quantified

Employees who work in digital workplaces are more productive, more motivated, have higher job satisfaction, and have a better sense of well-being, says Aruba.

Jun 4, 2018

White paper: Get Connected: Building your Digital Workplace

A digital workplace needs to make it easy to access, record, and share information from a wide range of devices, user interfaces, and locations, says Aruba Networks.

May 3, 2018

White paper: Securing the evolving enterprise network

The threat landscape is becoming increasingly dangerous, says Aruba Networks.

Apr 10, 2018

Aruba advances Mobile First Architecture

The company has introduced innovations in AI-powered analytics and assurance to enable autonomous networking.


White paper: Locating value

The power of the Internet of things comes from extracting and exploiting process, business and customer data locked inside enterprises.


White paper: A network blueprint for the digital workplace

Devices in today's mobile-first world are becoming the central component for every aspect of daily productivity.

Feb 9, 2018

Creating home away from home

Here's how your organisation can leverage and secure IOT to create guest experiences that are just like home. By Pieter Engelbrecht, Business Unit Manager for HPE Aruba.

Feb 1, 2018

Modernise your network to digitise your business

Legacy network architectures built for the client-server era were not designed to meet the needs of today's mobile/IOT/cloud-enabled organisations, says Aruba Networks.

Jan 26, 2018

Aruba achieves cyber security first

Aruba ClearPass is the first solution in the cyber security industry to be awarded Common Criteria certification for an NAC solution, the company says.

Dec 14, 2017

HPE Aruba gives SMEs business-class WiFi

Its WiFi solution is designed to give small businesses secure and reliable business-grade WiFi with easy-to-set-up APs and an intuitive mobile app.