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#ITWebSS2021: How to build digital resilience

Kirsten Doyle
By Kirsten Doyle, ITWeb contributor.
Johannesburg, 03 May 2021
Charl van der Walt, head of security research, Orange Cyberdefense.
Charl van der Walt, head of security research, Orange Cyberdefense.

Building digital resilience is an imperative for CIOs across the board, because organsations that have developed these capabilities and are able to navigate ambiguity and unpredictability, are likely to thrive.

The past few years have seen organisations’ resilience being tested like never before. Today's threat landscape is more complex and sophisticated, and adversaries are more determined than ever. Concurrently, the COVID-19 pandemic sent workforces home, disrupted supply chains, and widened the attack surface to unprecedented levels.

However, even before the pandemic, many organisations were battling to keep up with the pace of technological change. COVID-19 only accelerated this challenge, shining a harsh spotlight on the realisation that the future of work and life will be even more digital than expected.

Today, almost every single organisation depends heavily on data, analytics, digital tools, and automation, meaning digital technologies are central to business resilience.

So how can businesses build digital resilience?

Charl van der Walt, head of security research, Orange Cyberdefense, will be presenting a keynote address on “Building digital resilience and trust in a rapidly evolving business environment”, at the ITWeb Security Summit 2021, to be held as a virtual event from 1 to 3 June.

He is the original founder of SensePost, a pen testing company in South Africa and in the UK, where he still sits on the board. Van der Walt has acted in various roles there, including CEO for about five years. After SensePost was sold to SecureData (part of Orange), he took a diverse role within the group that includes leading its research unit, directing security strategy and leading the 'Security Intelligence Unit', which runs a significant managed SIEM and threat hunting operations.

He has spoken at Black Hat, HITB, Defcon, NATA CCDCOE, BSides and 44Con, as well as t many previous ITWeb Security Summits.

During his keynote, Van der Walt will examine how to build resilience into digital capabilities in order to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing external environment. He will cover the procedures and processes that businesses are putting in place to be able to operate securely while transforming digitally.

In addition, he will unpack where digital systems are vulnerable and what the implications of rushed digital transformation projects for trust and resiliency are.

Finally, he will discuss implementing digital transformation using legacy systems, and to what extent this impacts resilience in the longer term.

ITWeb Security Summit 2021: 1-3 June

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