UK prof to deliver keynote on cyber warfare at ITWeb Security Summit Cape Town

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer
Johannesburg, 28 Feb 2024
Victoria Baines,  professor of information technology at Gresham College London.
Victoria Baines, professor of information technology at Gresham College London.

Leading authority in the field of cyber security, professor Victoria Baines, will deliver the opening keynote address at ITWeb’s 4th annual Security Summit in Cape Town, scheduled to take place on 30 May.

Baines, who is a professor of information technology at Gresham College London, UK, and has been described as a “wizard in cyber related thought”, will examine the implications of cyber warfare and state sponsored cyber attacks.

She will share her perspectives on what to expect throughout 2024; growing geopolitical tensions and growing cyber attacks on military and civilian infrastructure; the most common tactics used in evolving state-sponsored cyber attacks; ‘hacktivists’ and the role of politically motivated hackers; governments’ responses to the increase in cyber warfare.

Baines trained as a classicist specialising in rhetoric in Roman literature, and has worked as a law enforcement intelligence analyst and a technology company executive before returning to research, which includes public policy, cyberspace and internet governance, digital ethics and the misuse of emerging technologies.

For several years, she was Facebook’s Trust & Safety Manager for EMEA. Prior to this, she led the Strategy team at the European Cyber Crime Centre - her visionary efforts resulted in Europe’s flagship threat assessment on cybercrime, iOCTA, as well as Projects 2020 and 2030, strategic roadmaps for the future of cybersecurity.

Her latest book, Rhetoric of InSecurity: The Language of Danger, Fear and Safety in National and International Contexts, focuses on how we communicate safety and security issues.

Baines will be joined by more than 20 local and international speakers, who will discuss the evolving cyber threats as well as the strategies and means to counteract them.

Cyber security professionals and decision makers attending the Western Cape event will have access to exclusive content, with different speakers compared to those at the ITWeb Security Summit in Johannesburg.

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