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How the ‘broken window’ theory affects cyber security matters

As a first step to ensure you cover all bases, ascertain whether there are any cracks in your cyber security posture – in essence, a ‘broken window’, says Stefan van de Giessen: GM: Cybersecurity at Networks Unlimited Africa.


The value of information sharing and risks of cyber shaming

It’s time to overcome the fear of admitting you’ve been hacked, says MJ Shoer, senior VP and executive director of the CompTIA ISAO.


Getting privileged remote access right for the new normal workforce

Finding the right balance between security and business agility takes time and adjustments along the way, says Andrew Silberman, senior product marketing manager at CyberArk.


DataGroupIT wins distribution rights to Quest

The partnership aims to strengthen Quest’s delivery model and grow its footprint across the continent.


ZACR warns of global cyber criminals targeting SA domain name administrator says increasing connectivity during lockdown comes at a cost, as more users attract the online attention of fraudsters.


Employees are your primary security risk

Exponant has unveiled its Security Risk and Compliance solution, which enables its clients to focus on productivity.


Webinar: IBM Secure Proxy

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy provides protection against external threats looming at the edge of your enterprise, on-premises or over the cloud.


Nucleus Cyber release simplifies information security in Microsoft Teams

NC Protect empowers team owners to apply security and access policies to Microsoft Teams sites and channels.


Organisations must ready for POPI Act’s full might

As companies prepare to comply with the POPI Act, they should expect to see an active Information Regulator and strict enforcement, says Deloitte’s Leishen Pillay.


Facial verification is key to ending bias in facial biometric software

iiDENTIFii examines the differences between facial verification and facial recognition.


A 2021 vision for cyber security

We can choose to use our experiences from 2020 to secure our organisations and future, or miss another opportunity to contribute to building a safer digital world.


WhatsApp’s privacy fiasco draws attention to risks of messaging apps

The backlash to WhatsApp’s terms and privacy policy changes have brought forward the privacy and cyber security conversation necessary around messaging apps, says Takalani Mavhunga, CFO at Nexio.