Axis unveils 5MP stainless-steel, 4K dome cameras

The AXIS Q35 Series models are used for surveillance in a wide range of areas, such as critical infrastructure, city surveillance or airports.

SA's average data breach costs escalate


It now costs a whopping R36.5 million to address a data breach in South Africa, says IBM.

IDEMIA presents MorphoWave Compact by IDEMIA


Users swipe their hands over the scanner in either direction, allowing the device to match all four fingers in 3D, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Dallmeier sets record with Panomera S8 Ultraline

The Panomera S8 Ultraline camera delivers up to 190 megapixels at 30 frames per second.

Mimecast acquires Ataata

10 Jul

The acquisition aims to strengthen the company's offer of cyber security awareness for email capabilities.

Companies at risk of unauthorised access to critical data

Troye's Web application firewall is ICSA, Common Criteria and FIPS-certified, the company says.

Three steps to beating cyber crime

With so many cyber threats out there, today's organisations need a consolidated view in order to detect, report on and prevent attacks on their networks.

ICT Tenders: Serious about security

The latest National Tender Bulletin sees government considering its security requirements.

SME Web sites increasingly under attack

29 Jun

About 6% of Web sites, up to 113 million globally, have a security vulnerability, says a SiteLock study.

Data breaches vs ransomware: what's the difference?

New-generation endpoint technology both hardens protection and enables full visibility of endpoint processes, says Panda Security.

Your banking pin soon to be thing of the past: research

Biometrics adoption in banking on the rise, says CEO of Goode Intelligence.

Who is taking liberties with your e-mails?

Smaller businesses should review their business practices and at least pay for a reputable e-mail provider, says business security architect at CS Interactive Training, Louw Labuschagne.

Liberty group CIO brings out top guns to fight extortionists

21 Jun

No resource has been spared by the company to deal with the hack, says Liberty group CIO Benjamin Marais.