Access Control

Time to get to grips with Microsoft’s new labelling framework

Data classification and labelling enables organisations to classify data based on its sensitivity and to protect sensitive information from being accidentally or maliciously shared, says Kelly Chalom: Legal Advisor, GDPR and Data Privacy Compliance Specialist at Cloud Essentials


Cyber criminals aim to score with Rugby World Cup

A security expert warns cyber fraudsters are match fit to breach the security defences of fans, organisers and sponsors during the Rugby World Cup.


There’s more than one way to get admin privileges

Microsoft addresses lesser-known techniques that hackers exploit to obtain administration rights and turn AD and Windows into exploitable targets, and the counter-measures we can take.


Security expert warns of unprecedented phishing attacks in SA

As the Hawks investigates cyber attacks on the CR17 campaign, a security expert warns SA is experiencing a new wave of phishing attacks.


Breach exposes personal details of almost all Ecuadorians

More than 20 million people in the South American country, including seven million minors, were exposed in a data leak.


What is zero vulnerability infrastructure – and is it achievable?

The holy grail for those responsible for securing company networks is to achieve zero vulnerability infrastructure, says Gareth Trollip, SA country manager at KHIPU Networks.


RICA declared inconsistent with Constitution

The South Gauteng High Court declares some parts of the Act as unconstitutional, as bulk surveillance activities are unlawful.


6.7K exposed in Garmin SA hack, regulator seeks answers

The Information Regulator will take the GPS and fitness accessory maker to task over a data breach that affected thousands of users.


NU, Indegy discuss threats to industrial control systems

Indegy solutions are now available in SA and throughout Africa through distributor Networks Unlimited Africa.


Garmin SA hacked, exposing users’ credit card details

The GPS and fitness accessory maker reveals theft of customer data from orders placed through its Web site.


Companies face growing data security challenges in an increasingly mobile environment

While data security is becoming increasingly important, it remains a journey without a destination, which is why a high-quality ERP system is vital, says Warwick Hopcroft, sales director and spokesperson for Seidor.