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Data is more powerful than money

Companies should adopt a multi-layered approach to prevent fraud, says TransUnion.

Regulator powerless to deal with latest data leak

The Information Regulator laments it is not yet fully functional and able to deal with those involved in leaking close to a million personal records of South Africans.

Illegal crypto-currency miners pocket $100m to date

We can expect an increase in malicious coin miners, driven by the prospect of financial gains and increased anonymity, says Helge Husemann of Malwarebytes.

Dealing with sophisticated, organised cyber threats

To defeat multi-vector and multi-staged attacks, companies need an integrated architectural approach, says Cisco's John Maynard.

We are making users scapegoats for our failings

You can patch humans: it's called education, says SphereNY's Jason Street.

Profile hackers to stop them in their tracks

There are five kinds of hackers, says Mikko Hypponen, keynote speaker at ITWeb Security Summit 2018.

GoldPhish debuts free cyber security training for SMEs


For smaller businesses, a lack of IT security isn't about not caring; it's about a lack of available budget, the company says.

How to prepare for data risk management in 2018

Learn how to protect and maintain what's most important: your business and your clients.

CISOs not investing in insider threat defences


There's a disconnect between what they perceive as their greatest threat and the solutions they invest in, found a survey.

SA a testing ground for attacks on banking sector

As a relatively advanced player, it is used to assess methods before employing them on more vulnerable entities, says TYMEDigital.