Oracle to buy Cerner for $28.3bn

Cerner is a provider of digital information systems used within hospitals and health systems.

Could you fall in love with an AI?

What kind of world are we creating where an AI learns to fit our companionship requirements?

Paul Booth Dec 13, 2021

Review of 2021: The ICT industry continues to surprise

The international market was dominated by the increasing involvement of the investment community in the ICT sector, with a feverish merger/acquisition scene.

Paul Booth Oct 4, 2021

Synnex, Tech Data complete $7.2bn merger

The combined entity, now called TD Synnex, becomes the industry’s largest IT distributor, reaching over 100 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Paul Booth Aug 30, 2021

Optis Wireless Technology takes bite out of Apple

A US jury has awarded the company and several related firms $300 million in damages after a second patent trial against Apple.

Paul Booth Aug 2, 2021

Salesforce takes up the Slack

The company has closed its $27.7 billion acquisition of Slack.

Paul Booth Jun 28, 2021

International anti-trust watchdogs on guard

The big tech players are under scrutiny as separate investigations get under way by Britain’s competition watchdog, Germany's anti-trust watchdog and the European Union.

Paul Booth May 31, 2021

Amazon likes it shaken, not stirred is buying MGM, the US movie studio home to the James Bond franchise, for $8.45 billion.

Paul Booth Apr 6, 2021

Accenture dominates in spending spree

The company acquired Cirrus, fable+, GRA and REPL Group, and has agreed to buy Cygni and Pollux.

Lee Naik Jan 14, 2021

2021 trends: Gearing up for acceleration and uncertainty

How to become resilient in the face of uncertainty is the golden thread that will define the months to come.

Paul Booth Oct 5, 2020

Oracle set to bust a move

The company is expected to agree to a deal for a stake in TikTok’s US operations.

Paul Booth Sep 1, 2020

SoftBank pumps billions into world’s major tech firms

Adobe, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Nvidia, PayPal and Zoom are among the 25 companies into which SoftBank has invested a total of $3.9 billion.

Paul Booth Aug 3, 2020

EU clamps down on social media hate speech

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media will now be subject to EU rules on hate speech and harmful content under new European Commission guidelines.