EU plays hardball with tech giants

Google, Amazon and other tech firms will have to tell companies how they rank their own or rival products on their platforms, according to new €EU rules.

an hour ago

Zensar on the path of rapid innovation

Zenlabs, Zensar's innovation hub, has filed for diverse patents within two years of its launch.


Trends 2019: Artificial intelligence goes mainstream

The rise of AI will see an era of coexistence and augmentation, as robots work with humans to make us better at what we do.


Team work boosts Telkom Kenya

Bharti Airtel's Kenyan unit will combine with Telkom Kenya, creating the second-largest telecoms operator in the East African nation.

11 Feb

Facebook's convergence conundrum

Merging Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram is a risky gamble and there isn't a good enough reason to do so.

8 Feb

US charges Huawei with raft of offences

The company has been accused of conspiracy to defraud the US, bank fraud and theft of trade secrets from T-Mobile.

4 Feb

Online lifeline

There's no doubt the Internet connects us, but does it have too much power? How does our dependency on connectivity play out when it gets shut down?

31 Jan

Trends 2019: Technologies converge as 5G lands

There's reason to think we will be enjoying the spread of true Internet of things much sooner than expected: the arrival of 5G.

30 Jan

French regulator fines Google

Google was fined $57 million for not going far enough to get valid user consent to gather data for targeted advertising.

28 Jan

What venture capitalists look for in tech start-ups in SA

Canny venture capitalists invest in founders that obsessively focus on making a product that users deeply care about and that solves a problem.

22 Jan

Fiserv creates a monster

The company buys First Data for $22 billion, in a move that creates one of the world's leading payments and financial technology providers.

21 Jan

Accenture makes multiple buys

The company acquired Adaptly, Enaxis Consulting and Knowledgent.

Jan 14, 2019