Salesforce buys Tableau in deal of the decade

The US cloud software giant spent a massive $15.7 billion to acquire the analytics firm.


ICT industry readies for unprecedented probe

The US government gears up to investigate whether Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google misused their massive market power.

10 Jun

What to do while waiting for 5G

Preparing for 5G means reimagining organisations around more flexible and democratic ways of working.

5 Jun

American Tower buys Eaton Towers for $1.85bn

Eaton Towers owns and operates about 5 500 communications sites across five African markets.

3 Jun

Huawei gets the cold shoulder

Google, Infineon and several other companies suspend business with the Chinese multinational firm.

27 May

Google just shot Android in the head

Forget the headlines, it's not about Huawei. There is no coming back from the Huawei, Google, Android saga.

23 May

Huawei underplays its Chinese government ties

Google revoking Huawei's Android licence is a dramatic move, sparking much speculation, but is it unfair?

23 May

How AI is giving HR a shot in the arm

Machine learning assesses future organisational challenges through the lens of employee behaviour, with IBM's Watson able to predict which employees are about to quit.

22 May

Trump takes aim at Chinese telcos

The US president bars US companies from using telecoms equipment made by firms said to be posing a national security risk.

20 May

Successful business more likely to adopt AI

In SA, the percentage of high-growth companies likely to be using AI is 31.8% versus 18.5% for low-growth companies.

May 14, 2019

Uber's initial public offering disappoints

After considering going public for four years, Uber picked a week beset by market turbulence fuelled by US-China trade fears.

May 13, 2019

The Marvel guide to becoming a billion-dollar superhero

The odds were stacked against it, but in true superhero style, Marvel made a decision that would change its fate forever.

May 9, 2019