Digital Economy
4 hours ago

Economics lesson sparks idea for SA fashion brands online store

NOWNOW eyes expansion into other fashion hubs, as it charts its journey to becoming the biggest African online marketplace for fashion designers and brands.

5 hours ago

Lockdown reignites Bitcoin interest across SA’s crypto exchanges

Local crypto-currency players witness renewed interest in Bitcoin, as the country grapples with the financial implications of the COVID-19 lockdown.

5 hours ago

Netflix, Showmax numbers surge on COVID-19 lockdown

Video-streaming interest rises locally and globally, in some instances doubling from pre-COVID-19 crisis peaks.

6 hours ago

Medical scheme body endorses SA’s telemedicine tweaks

The Board of Healthcare Funders welcomes the decision to broadly permit medical practitioners to use telehealth platforms to treat patients.

6 hours ago

Mr D Food, UberEats, NetFlorist shift focus for COVID-19

Non-essential delivery services shift into the essential services space to meet the demands of the coronavirus lockdown.

6 hours ago

Loyalty underpins e-commerce in 2020 as world goes digital

Retail professionals agree: 2020 will mark a significant year of development, with loyalty at the core of digital commerce.

6 hours ago

The future of commerce… and it’s not made from bricks or mortar.

The secret to succeeding in business, even in uncertain times and a turbulent global economy, lies in moving your shop online, says Web Guru.

6 hours ago

How to craft a great UX design portfolio

While you don't need a formal degree to be a UX designer, an awesome portfolio, to show you know what you're doing, is a must, says DVT's Lizette Spangenberg.

9 hours ago

Gold standard cyber security in the ‘gig economy’

In the gig economy, the risk is that companies can no longer enforce security on the end device, as they may have no jurisdiction or control over it, says CyberArk's David Higgins,

9 hours ago

SilverBridge reinvents Stangen debit order environment

Stangen partners with SilverBridge for the development of a debit order solution that will be integrated into the Exergy policy admin environment of the niche life insurer.


WeWork sues Softbank as tenants terminate lease agreements

The shared workspaces company claims Softbank's decision to withdraw its $3 billion tender offer is a breach of contractual obligations and fiduciary duty.


WCape app gives entrepreneurs, small business a jump-start

The provincial government unveils an app version of its small business and entrepreneurship support and resource tool, JUMP.