Digital Economy
9 hours ago

Samsung officially launches its payment service in SA

The South Korean electronics manufacturer has announced the official launch of Samsung Pay in SA, but not all local bank are compatible yet.

12 hours ago

Uber takes issue with proposed legislation

The e-hailing taxi company voices its concerns regarding the proposed amendments to the National Land Transport Act, including the licensing of drivers.


Business Process Management is not an IT function

Who should drive an organisation's critical BPM efforts? The answer is not as obvious as you would expect.


UWC to offer immersive tech diploma

The accredited postgraduate diploma will incorporate augmented reality and virtual reality.


Telecoms ministry commits to women empowerment in tech

The department supports the TechnoGirl Trust, to empower young women from previously disadvantaged communities to participate in the digital economy.


Bitcoin ATMs to by-pass crypto-currency exchanges

SA is set to get more crypto-currency ATMs following a deal that will see Virtual Crypto's products flood the region.


MTN Business seeks problem-solving apps

As MTN Business urges app creators to enter its annual app awards by 6 September, a previous winner tells ITWeb the secrets of its success.


NTT Corporation plans to grow global business, drive innovation

NTT Corporation will establish a new global holding company under NTT Corporation by the third quarter of the fiscal year ending 31 March 2019.


Rittal displays edge computing for key industries

Rittal's edge and cloud data centres support the needs of the financial sector.


Dissecting Bitcoin's latest price drop

Experts expose the various factors that contributed to the latest drop suffered by the world's most popular digital currency.


Absa joins Sovrin Foundation in blockchain, security push

Using Sovrin's decentralised distributed ledger technology will help Absa solve client identity challenges and decrease financial transaction costs.