ServiceNowMay 5, 2023

ServiceNow, Hugging Face release StarCoder

The model is said to be one of the most responsibly developed and strongest performing open access large language models for code generation.

ChatGPTApr 25, 2023

ChatGPT: is it worth the hype?

It is crucial to understand the pros and cons of using ChatGPT, says Niyasi Makwakwa, graphic designer at Bizmod Development.

RadixTrieApr 24, 2023

Is your open source journey ready for database challenges?

Companies face an increased risk when they don’t have specialists to assist with mission-critical application components such as databases, says Michele Peruch, business development manager at RadixTrie.


Tech companies help app developers scale, create, innovate

Huawei has established OpenLabs around the world, which are collaborative spaces where developers can work together to develop new technologies and solutions.

EthereumApr 14, 2023

SA crypto exchanges upbeat after R543bn Ethereum upgrade

While some local exchanges are seeing an uptick in Ethereum trading on their platforms since the upgrade, several say it’s still too early to tell.


API abuse highlights dangers of unsafe open banking implementation

APIs are crucial to digital services because they enable different applications to share data and 'talk' to each other, says Avash Maharaj, head of infrastructure, cloud and security at Blue Turtle Technologies.

ObsidianApr 4, 2023

Obsidian sponsors DevConf software developer conference

The community-driven software developer conference will take place in Cape Town on 23 May and Pretoria on 25 May.

NEC XONMar 24, 2023

NEC XON in OpenRAN alliances with SA telcos in 5G push

The company is forging partnerships with local mobile operators and ISPs in a move it believes will result in 5G becoming mainstream.

Red HatMar 22, 2023

Red Hat partners Nvidia to advance AI and 5G

Red Hat will collaborate with Nvidia to deliver (RAN) deployments on industry-standard servers across hybrid and multicloud..

Lelapa AIMar 17, 2023

AI-driven Vulavula to champion African languages

Lelapa AI readies its first AI-driven language model technology solution, Vulavula, amid accelerated interest in natural language processing tools.

GPT-4Mar 15, 2023

OpenAI rolls out GPT-4 in deep learning push

The multimodal AI model exhibits human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks, says the firm.

DVTMar 13, 2023

DVT hosts webinar on AI, accessibility

Rory Preddy, a principal cloud advocate with Microsoft SA, demonstrated how to use Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI and GPT-3 to scan websites for accessibility issues.