Industry Insight

Achieving digital transformation via shared services

Pre-COVID, the perception was that some processes simply could not be performed remotely, but this assumption has been re-examined through a digital viewfinder.


The principles of continuous learning in DevOps

An organisation can translate the improvements of one DevOps team into a catalyst of change for the entire company by using mistakes as a springboard for learning.


The digital transformation imperative for shared services

Omnipresent progressive technology developments have transported modern businesses and shared services into the new era of digital transformation.

17 Nov

Rolling into 2021: Prepare for more cyber security risk

Advanced tech will play an increasingly important role, not only in protecting against attacks, but also in helping cyber criminals engineer increasingly sophisticated attacks.

16 Nov

Why ERP projects fail faster than ever under lockdown

The speed at which companies found they must transform saw many take the first opportunity to upgrade to a cloud ERP solution.

13 Nov

The rise of the data engineer

The IT industry is seeing a great deal of focus on the role of the data engineer, where understanding cloud and big data engineering technologies is critical.

12 Nov

Payments: Immediate challenges, long-term implications

The seismic shift caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has created a host of uncharted challenges as well as magnified obstacles in the payments industry.

11 Nov

A roadmap for continuous delivery and releasing with confidence

If companies are to speed up their app delivery pipeline, they need to remember the success of continuous delivery hinges on effective employment of continuous testing.

4 Nov

Security challenges presented by POPI and the pandemic

Companies previously accepted potentially insecure devices within their environments as they weighed risk against productivity rewards. But the scales are tilting alarmingly.

3 Nov

Customer retention in the face of ransomware attacks

As ransomware attacks increase, complacency about consumer reaction to the theft of data would be an utterly foolhardy approach for business owners.

30 Oct

Ruggedised networks provide autonomy in precision farming

A protocol that gives autonomous adaptability – enabling the network to react in real-time to changes in network topology, load and environmental conditions – is desirable.

29 Oct

Costing cloud and weighing up use cases

There are misconceptions that the cloud offers dramatic savings and will allow companies to eliminate the cost of buying hardware and maintaining it.

28 Oct

How COVID-19 accelerated SA’s move to the gig economy

Gig workers allow companies to be more flexible in terms of scaling up or down fast − an essential survival tactic as competition and demand for digital skills intensify.

Oct 23, 2020