Industry Insight

Exploring the numbers equals better decision-making

CFOs must be able to easily find the hidden insights in general ledger data, to enable them to make better and faster business-critical decisions.

How managed services boost digital acceleration

The right managed services team allows in-house IT professionals to remove the burden of project management, daily maintenance and constant training.

Time to focus on meta analytics to harness mighty metadata

Metadata can be deployed for a great deal more than audit and forensics, and is already in use to support a myriad of applications today.

Stealth technology on the move

As security worries ramp up, stealth technology is increasingly embraced by companies to protect sensitive data that is vulnerable to attack.

Let’s put an anchor down in a world that’s in chaos

There is a reason and a why behind every project that should serve as a starting point and constant motivation to deliver the best every day.

The security challenge in DevOps

While Agile development approaches help organisations respond rapidly to new business opportunities, they pose significant security challenges.

Plan ahead for managed service success

Determine which level of managed service best suits your company’s needs and how it is likely to impact digital transformation initiatives.

Exploring data warehouse alternatives: Part two

While a company can change its data warehouse approach, it must avoid falling into the trap of replacing this capability and methodology with just technology.

Datafication: Turning phenomena into data

The ways in which we will define and redefine our existence in future is inextricably linked to the process of datafication and automation.

Monique Williams Apr 14, 2022

Weighing in on the managed services debate

In addition to quantifiable ROI, managed services provide the right support from the right experts at the right time − an integral part of digital transformation.

Ajay Lalu Apr 13, 2022

Hybrid retail model spells opportunity for brick-and-mortar stores

As the world struggles back to something like normality, retailers need to look at the role of brick-and-mortar in an increasingly omni-channel world.

Mark van Vuuren Apr 11, 2022

Channelling success: New growth in MSSP market

A new wave of diversification is emerging, as resellers evolve into managed service providers, and particularly so in the cyber security industry.

It’s time for traditional operations to learn new tricks

To survive and thrive in an uncertain economy, companies must adopt and combine digital workforces at scale with their current human workforce.