Industry Insight

A true data specialist knows no boundaries

True data specialists aren’t constrained by tools or technology, as the core principles and best practices remain uncompromised, becoming amplified in the context of cloud.

Dec 14, 2020

Realise mega advantages with microservices

When putting together all of the architecture concepts of microservices, containers and orchestration, the benefits are tremendous.

Dec 11, 2020

The cost of Internet access – and the importance of IP transit

ISPs shouldn’t risk buying the cheapest IP transit on the market, but rather see it as an area that needs maximising for the best, most cost-effective results.

Dec 10, 2020

VOIP to empower remote workforce in 2021

With the broader demand for full-blown collaboration and messaging tools, VOIP providers are catching up in the race to offer unified communications as a true service.

Dec 9, 2020

Change the game with containers, microservices

The concepts of containers, microservices and orchestration are the software building blocks of the modern cloud.

Dec 8, 2020

To unlock the value of ERP, set it up right

Correctly scoping an ERP project beforehand helps improve deployment success and subsequent adoption, ensuring real value is realised.

Dec 4, 2020

Abandon the walled city: The crucial security call for 2021

The cyber security mesh will be a top strategic trend in 2021, and key to a responsive security and risk management approach which is modular and scalable.

Dec 3, 2020

Automation is central to healthy digital ecosystems

To enable an efficient digital ecosystem, users must be able to access and process the correct data, in a secure and compliant way, as swiftly as possible.

Dec 2, 2020

Shared services are information powerhouses

Leveraging the power of digital transformation means getting the right information to the right people at the right time, to empower them to make informed business decisions.

Dec 1, 2020

Why companies should opt for cloud networking

By leveraging economies of scale, cloud providers dramatically drop the price of compute, memory and disk resources, making these lower prices available to users.

Nov 26, 2020

2021 contact centre trends everybody should be watching

Innovation, transformation, automation – the trends of 2021 are defined by the events of 2020, which made companies take alternative approaches to customer engagement.

Nov 25, 2020

Achieving digital transformation via shared services

Pre-COVID, the perception was that some processes simply could not be performed remotely, but this assumption has been re-examined through a digital viewfinder.

Nov 24, 2020

The principles of continuous learning in DevOps

An organisation can translate the improvements of one DevOps team into a catalyst of change for the entire company by using mistakes as a springboard for learning.

Nov 18, 2020