Industry Insight

Migrating the enterprise data warehouse to the cloud

Cloud-based enterprise data warehouses have flexibility and capabilities that are usually not present in on-premises solutions, but require a strategic approach.

5G ORAN: Reusing legacy kit to expand connectivity

5G ORAN’s integration capabilities enable the reuse of equipment to broach new markets and extend services in existing markets.

Exploring data warehouse alternatives: Part three

The data lakehouse is a hybrid architecture that implements the best concepts of both a data warehouse and data lake methodology.

Putting a stop to low-quality address data

Poor-quality customer address data can cost companies time, money, business and clients, but this can be avoided.

Do most modern tech purchases end in regret?

Business analytics has evolved into an all-embracing business intelligence function that predicts the outcome of decision-making in future scenarios.

Desktop accounting holds SMEs back in digitalisation era

Cloud-based accounting tools help small business owners to become more efficient, increase productivity and save time.

Enter the great authenticator – data’s new superhero

Data authentication in a world of disinformation could pave the way for a new, specialised role – that of the data authenticator.

How to be an effective CIO

While there is no one-size-fits all approach, there are six broad skills that every CIO should look at mastering.

Minette Lubbe Jul 14, 2022

Understanding the complexities of ETL for data management

Data is critical to the success of any business, but it’s in the ETL tools where a company can unlock the true potential of its data.

Marna Roos Jul 8, 2022

Companies that connect with Earth make more money

There is no doubt that spatial data is making a hugely positive impact on profitability for a lot of South African organisations.

Willem Wenztel Jul 7, 2022

What's the economic case to adopt 5G in Africa?

Mature network operators and service providers in the greater African context have indicated 5G is the goal but not within two years.

Tanya Long Jul 5, 2022

The right people key to realising data analytics potential

Everybody is waking up to the power of data, but there’s less understanding of how to create a data analytics team that delivers results. Spoiler: it might not be necessary.

Paul Stuttard Jul 1, 2022

The most disruptive development yet?

Internet of things commerce will pave the way for new-generation technologies covering logistics, inventory and supply chain management.