Industry Insight

POPIA: Be sure to exercise an abundance of caution

It’s a long road to POPIA compliance and while the finish line is in sight, only one attitude will ensure your business crosses the line with confidence.


AI plus humans needed to combat financial crime

Artificial intelligence has made great strides in flagging suspicious banking activities, but expert skills and human discernment cannot be discounted in the process.


The perils and promise of smart automation in South Africa

An intelligent automation journey must first, and foremost, be driven by the business strategy, as too many tech initiatives are initiated and managed solely by the tech team.


Cloud migration and the ‘catch-22’ conundrum

A “catch-22” situation arises when companies hold on to aging, underperforming IT platforms, hoping to postpone the day when a move to cloud computing becomes imperative.


Become more resilient by understanding cyber attacks

Most companies are stuck in reactive mode, battling to keep up with ever-changing cyber attack modes. However, for the sake of business resilience, they must stay ahead of threats.


Fast-track your career by upskilling to data science, data engineering

The traits of curiosity, determination, willingness to learn and desire for optimisation make for a top-rate data scientist. Do you have what it takes?

4 Jun

How to protect data against disaster in the cloud

The customer, and not the service provider, is primarily responsible for protecting their data in the cloud, and CIOs should not assume cloud providers are secure.

3 Jun

Get back to basics to capitalise on ML and AI in analytics

For artificial intelligence in analytics to be effective, the right foundations have to be in place, as it’s a well-known fact that AI has an inherent reliance on data.

2 Jun

Taking the data insight to the point of decision

How to get started on a data literacy programme, and by doing so, unlock the data value proposition for your business.

1 Jun

Don’t let myths overwhelm true cloud benefits

Unravelling the fiction surrounding the benefits of cloud-based applications and establishing the truth behind cost, security, performance, flexibility and compliance.

28 May

Keeping critical infrastructure safe has never been more important

Ransomware continues to be a growing threat and risks becoming yet another "cost of doing business" that companies build into their strategies.

27 May

Continuous architecture: Foundation stone of continuous delivery

Everything is now 'continuous' due to the new agile way of working, which is augmented by digital transformation at the speed of COVID.

26 May

Data literacy – what’s the hype?

Boards of directors and CEOs believe data and analytics are game-changing technologies, placing both as the number one strategic priority for 2021.

25 May