Industry Insight

Authorities will eventually formalise crypto-currencies

As financial authorities and governments around the world start to see the inevitability of crypto-currency, could SA still become a hub of crypto-currency innovation?


Digital transformation ensures survival of the fittest

In this fast-paced world, any organisation wanting to survive, thrive and remain relevant simply cannot ignore the urgent need to digitally transform.


Five years on: Governance still biggest hurdle to BI

Even with governance more important than ever before, it’s not an easy task to ensure good, clean, quality data is available for accurate BI reporting.


Key lessons for companies embarking on digital transformation

Digital transformation is not a silver bullet, as it is a fact that few digital initiatives will result in a 10x factor of change − contrary to the claims of some consultants.

17 Sep

Can we get rid of bias in artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence systems are the product of constructed algorithms that inherit many of the biases that help to perpetuate the global challenges we hope to solve.

16 Sep

Neurotechnology: The brain wired for healthcare

The answer to some of mankind’s biggest medical problems is likely in the future to be found at the confluence of science and technology.

15 Sep

Ransomware prevention tips for SMEs: The threat from within

The insider threat is a growing reality for all companies, but SMEs often lack the resources needed to better understand how to mitigate and respond to these.

14 Sep

Building resilience and elasticity to survive and thrive

Three areas of resilience create the opportunity to build business sustainability, which is the ultimate goal: building capacity, capability and competence.

13 Sep

Small and vulnerable: SMEs on ransomware collision course

SMEs are most at risk of being cyber crime targets, as cyber criminals constantly up their efforts and the level of sophistication of their attacks.

7 Sep

Want to extend your lifespan? Pin your hopes on tech

Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robots, big data and quantum computing are playing a tremendous role in humankind’s ongoing search for longevity.

6 Sep

The yin and yang of digital HRM experiences

Companies find that digitalising human resources management (HRM) creates simultaneously positive and negative experiences for many users.

3 Sep

The growing power of location intelligence

Apart from logistics, there are myriad use cases for almost every other industry, so if you are not using location intelligence, are you even relevant?

2 Sep

Scrap the patchwork of solutions, policies and vendors

Faced with changing workplace demands, many organisations have suddenly found themselves with a hodgepodge of solutions, policies and vendors with which to contend.

1 Sep