Industry Insight

Next business stress test: Content management modernisation

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and external vendors/partners are essential to future-fit content strategies. So, do you feel stressed yet?


What to consider when modernising mainframes

Forward-thinking firms want to leverage today's advanced analytics platforms, as well as scalable cloud services, but a few issues must be put on the radar first.


Simplifying network management to create a smarter network

Cloud-managed networks have key software features that reduce the burden on IT staff, while delivering business-class service, reliability and flexibility for years to come.


Tuning into digital radio as an add-on to analogue

Digital sound broadcasting is the future of radio, with immense benefits to listeners, as digital radio promises universal service and access.


Business and data symbiosis: The who and what of data strategy

A data strategy should be as organic as a company: growing, changing and moving, responding to environmental and internal forces.

22 Nov

Unlocking the value of modernising the ‘big iron’

For many organisations, the mainframe is mission-critical, containing massive amounts of valuable core business data.

18 Nov

Cloud-managed networks provide secret to success

Built around fast, reliable and scalable WiFi and switching solutions, a cloud-managed network is easy to deploy, includes built-in security and has the right data tools.

17 Nov

Herding cats: The case for application management services

In the application economy, the ability to ensure all applications −from ERP through to focused customer-facing ones − are secure and performing optimally is crucial to success.

16 Nov

Disrupt the status quo by embracing innovation

There is an ongoing struggle between “known” business value-driven initiatives and innovation in large enterprises, but there is much to be said for a culture that fosters ideas.

15 Nov

Disruption is accelerating digital ambitions

Businesses must elevate content management practices to satisfy the growing need to engage in more innovative, reliable, efficient and flexible ways.

12 Nov

Getting to grips with Zero Trust cyber security

Often touted as the solution to the security challenges of today’s open business models, too few recognise Zero Trust is more a way of thinking than a set of technologies.

11 Nov

Getting ready for SD-WAN’s new 5G trajectory

A fundamental characteristic of an SD-WAN is its ability to support multiple connection types associated with high-speed cellular networks such as 4G LTE and 5G.

10 Nov

Future paths into conversational artificial intelligence

The ability for today’s chatbots to understand the nuances of human tonalities and speech patterns, and mimic human empathy, makes them successful across industries and verticals.

9 Nov