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#ITWebSS2021: Where to draw the line between privacy and profit?

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Data privacy has become a top concern for the board, and possible source of competitive advantage – not merely a compliance requirement.

Security Summit 2021: One week to go

There is only one week till the ITWeb Security Summit! Dates: 1 and 2 June (conference & virtual exhibition); 3 June 2021 (workshops).

We have a truly international line-up, with keynote speakers coming from the UK, Cyprus, Portugal and Australia. In addition, we have several African speakers from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Book your seat today.

Organisations across the board face mounting pressure from regulators and the market to manage data privacy, and collect, use, store and delete personal information in a secure manner.

This pressure is only set to increase as distributed workforces, big data and the Internet of things generate floods of data, from multiple sources, covering everything people do in their business and personal lives.

All of these factors are creating a perfect storm, and driving the need for thorough data governance and management.

With this in mind, Siobhain O'Mahony, analytics, strategy and investments leader; non-executive director, and Janine West, head of privacy: Africa, Experian, will be presenting on “Effectively managing risk and compliance around data privacy and protection”, at the ITWeb Security Summit 2021, to be held as a virtual event from 1 to 3 June.

O’Mahony, who began her career at Liberty, holds a BSc Honours in Actuarial Science and is a Fellow of both the Actuarial Society of South Africa and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. 

West was previously the data privacy manager for Investec Private Bank. She is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and specialises in the practical implementation of the GDPR and POPIA. 

During this session, they will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted data privacy and compliance programmes, how well SA organisations have identified and classified their data according to risk, and given the new data sets that customers are now comfortable with sharing, what data companies can use and what data they need to be cautious with.

They will also delve into managing third party risk, what happens if data is leaked via a third party, whose problem it is, and where companies should draw the line between privacy and profit.

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