Cyber threats are growing: How good is your security strategy?

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To support innovation and growth, organisations need to view cyber security as a key part of the business and adopt a ‘security first’ mindset.

ITWeb Security Summit 2021: 1-3 June

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And ‘security first’ isn’t only about tools and solutions, it’s about building security in when designing new products and services, and keeping security top of mind when entering into new partnerships or hiring new staff members.

This is why having a solid security strategy in place is key, as it brings together the various policies, procedures and solutions that organisations can implement to create a strong cyber security posture.

At the ITWeb Security Summit 2021, to be held as a virtual event from 1 to 3 June, Harish Sekar, business development manager at ManageEngine, will be presenting on ‘Warning: Cyber-attacks ahead, what's your cyber security strategy?’

Sekar is head of business development at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation and a regular speaker at international conferences and seminars. He specialises in guiding administrators and IT security professionals to better manage and monitor their organisations through efficient IT, focusing on hybrid active directory, premises and cloud applications, and cyber security.

Delegates attending Sekar's talk will learn how to know more about their data and what is being done to it, and how to centralise and correlate security data from multiple sources to identify potential threats instantly.

Finally, he will discuss understanding attacks, both internal and external, as well as how to build a strong cyber security strategy.

ITWeb's Security Summit, now in its 16th year, will deliver three days of presentations, workshops, panel discussions and a virtual exhibition, providing SA's infosec decision makers with a thorough update on the latest cyber security threats, challenges and solutions. 

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