RecoMed, Solumed collaborate on medical bookings

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The RecoMed and Solumed partnership will allow medical practitioners to manage their calendars remotely.
The RecoMed and Solumed partnership will allow medical practitioners to manage their calendars remotely.

Medical software solutions provider Solumed has collaborated with local health technology firm RecoMed to integrate its healthcare practice management software with RecoMed's online booking platform.

Solumed has been developing medical software solutions since 1987. Its latest offering, Solumed Pro, is designed to enable medical, dental and allied healthcare professions to efficiently manage their patient billing records and clinical records.

RecoMed allows patients to find and book appointments with healthcare providers, which includes providing services to Discovery Wellness Clinics, Medicross, the Biokinetics Association of South Africa, Momentum Multiply and others. The company says it has the largest health booking platform and marketplace in SA.

The application programming interface-based integration of RecoMed's online booking platform into Solumed Pro will allow all services to be conducted on the same platform, and enable patients to find and book appointments even outside of working hours.

"The integration of the RecoMed and Solumed Pro offering places health practitioners and their practices online for patients to easily find and book appointments in real-time," says Sheraan Amod, RecoMed CEO and founder.

"These appointments are seamlessly integrated into the Solumed Pro software, which contains patient files, enabling easy and straightforward workflow for the practice.

"The integration further allows medical practitioners to access and manage the calendars from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night, using their mobile devices; a service previously not provided by Solumed Pro."

Used by more than 1 000 medical, dental, radiology and allied healthcare practices in SA, Solumed Pro is both account- and patient-centric.

The software captures patient and related party information onto the medical record system. It also electronically stores e-mail communication as part of a patient's records; generates audit trails, billing and VAT analysis; and stores all scanned documents such as medical aid cards and identity documents, according to Solumed.

Early this year, RecoMed had the same collaboration with Discovery and integrated its healthcare online booking platform into the health insurance firm's in-house Wellness Clinic programme.

Saul Jankelow, Solumed director, comments: "Solumed Pro, combined with RecoMed, is extremely user-friendly and has the ability to adapt in a wide variety of healthcare practices. The integration allows patients to make appointments at times when it is convenient for them, even when the practice is closed."

Following the successful completion of the integration pilot phase, the Solumed and RecoMed solution is now available to medical, dental, radiology and allied healthcare practices throughout SA.

The partnership also allows practitioners to be listed on RecoMed's online and industry partner channels to gain additional exposure, and in turn increase patient visits by maximising their accessibility and visibility, notes Amod.

In November 2017, RecoMed announced it had received a fully subscribed equity raise of R4.5 million, led by investment and advisory firm HAVA'IC.

The company said at the time it would use the funds to strengthen its balance sheet, fund a shift to increasing product traction, and market its products and services.

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