Can legacy security systems do their job?

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Charles Sello Kungwane
Charles Sello Kungwane

Too often companies are still addressing the challenges of five yeas ago and left puzzled as to why today’s threats are defeating them. 

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The approaches that worked then, simply don’t work now, and while the risks we face aren’t new, the landscape we operate in and the nature of threats has evolved dramatically.

So how should companies be addressing this shifting security landscape?

Charles Sello Kungwane, chief IT security officer, Motus Group, who will be presenting on “Going back to basics – ensuring that your legacy security systems are doing their job”, at the ITWeb Security Summit 2021, to be held as a virtual event from 1 to 3 June.

Legacy security stacks, and approaches that are years out of data, cannot hope to defend against modern threats, he says. Businesses have gone digital, and depend on technology more than ever, and cloud has become ubiquitous. In addition, COVID-19 accelerated this all beyond what anyone could have expected, forcing organisations to have massively distributed workforces, shifting users out of their comfort zones and making them more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever.

Kungwane completed his B.Sc Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of Limpopo and has worked at the Department of Defence, SITA, Absa and  Eskom prior to joining Motus.

During his presention, he will discuss how the pandemic has exposed current security systems and approaches, and will examine the reasons for the failure of current security strategies.

Kungwane will also delve into what organisations should be doing in terms of testing, monitoring, analysing and patching on a continual basis; what the most important things are that businesses need to focus on; and how they can assess their legacy systems in terms of their adequacy to deal with the current threat landscape.

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