Audi SA transforms older models into connected cars

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Audi South Africa has extended its Audi connect service to older vehicles, providing access to services in efforts to transform them into connected cars.

Audi connect is an intelligent connectivity and communication solution built into new Audi vehicles, to provide connectivity and customer engagement. It uses Audi connect plug-and-play hardware to connect to the vehicle, turning it into a connected car, by providing real-time vehicle data.

The first car to have the technology was the Audi A4, which made its local debut in 2020.

This app-based solution is now freely available to all customers whose vehicles have a model year from 2008 onwards and that don’t currently offer Audi’s connected integrated technology.

The Audi connect plug-and-play app is available from the iOS/Android stores.

“We understand that Audi customers are keeping their vehicles for a longer period of time and attempting to get the most out of their vehicles through the latest technological and convenience offerings,” says Hassan Salie, head of aftersales and dealer development at Audi SA.

“The Audi connect plug-and-play device is part of our ongoing commitment to help bring digital innovation to all our customers, through the driving experience.”

Once the hardware is installed and the app is downloaded, customers can access an overview of car data, such as mileage, fuel levels, vehicle identification number, evaluation of the driver’s driving style, service appointments, roadside assistance in the case of a breakdown, automated recording of car location, as well as an automated connection to their selected dealer partner.

The registered Audi dealership will be digitally-equipped to timeously communicate with the Audi driver about service intervals and other offers.

Over the last few years, Audi has accelerated its digital transformation strategy. In 2020, the vehicle manufacturer introduced an online calculator on its website, allowing customers to get an immediate cost estimate when wanting to extend their Audi Freeway Plan vehicle cover.

In 2019, Audi introduced the Audi Customer Private Lounge, a virtual reality-enabled service that allows potential buyers to virtually customise any Audi model and virtually test-drive it.

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