IT in Government

Global policy to spur 2019 digital innovation trends

Implementation of global government policies will stimulate developments in passenger drone services, facial recognition systems and biodegradable products.


Criminals dampen Gauteng's smart school efforts

The Gauteng Department of Education struggles to fend off theft at a newly-opened smart school, as thieves make off with tablets, laptops and smart boards.


Fraudsters use social media to target SASSA beneficiaries

The agency warns that a fake ad is making the rounds on Facebook, claiming to sell the new modernised social grant payment cards.


SANSA earns global recognition

The local space agency is named one of the providers of space weather information for the aviation sector.


ANC promises to bolster tech innovation

The ruling party outlines steps to advance SA's innovation, and promises to create a legal and regulatory framework for the promotion of innovation.


Politicians get involved in 'Please Call Me' drama

Comms minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has involved herself in the 'Please Call Me' saga, telling Vodacom to 'shut up' and `do the right thing'.


Free State digital migration moves to February

The communications ministry pushes the province's switch-over to digital TV to next month, to accommodate residents still to register for government-subsidised decoders.


GDE opens R105m smart primary school

The provincial department of education opens another ICT-ready school to improve education and skills development.


Final POPI regulations published

The Information Regulator has published the final Protection of Personal Information regulations.


Gauteng scrambles to place 17 000 learners

With schools set to open tomorrow, thousands of grades one and eight learners are still waiting for placements.


Regulator cautions public over crypto trading in Kenya

Kenya's Capital Markets Authority has issued a cautionary statement over KeniCoin crypto tokens trading in the country.