IT in Healthcare
28 Apr

eBook: The future of healthcare in the cloud

Meet the AWS customers who are driving innovation and transformation in healthcare with the cloud.


New app allows users to report COVID-19 vaccine side effects

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority introduces a mobile app to simplify and promote the reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions.

22 Apr

The turning tide

Adapting to the new world of work will require organisations to prioritise employee wellness and address mental health issues.


Online COVID vaccine register leaves senior citizens frustrated

Some seniors vent on social media as government’s online COVID-19 vaccine registration portal fails to deliver registration SMSes, as promised.


Hackers target vaccine rollouts

Cyber criminals are finding ways to target the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, says Fortinet.


COVID-19 vaccine WhatsApp registration in the works

The national Department of Health will soon provide a WhatsApp service for citizens to register for their COVID-19 vaccine, says health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize.


POPIA deadline looms large for healthcare practitioners

The new POPIA law stands to impact how healthcare practitioners process, capture, store and transmit patient data, says Dirk Hammann, legal adviser to Altron HealthTech.

16 Apr

If considering implementing telehealth video solutions, this article provides an overview of how to successfully integrate it

Implementing video solutions for telehealth is an ideal solution to address many gaps in the healthcare system, says Vidyo.


Why it pays to have your own Automation Framework

Steve Beck, test automation engineering lead at Inspired Testing, explains what companies should look for when reviewing an Automation Framework for their own purposes.

12 Apr

Vodacom, AUDA-NEPAD to roll out digital tech for COVID-19 vaccinations

Digital infrastructure to manage vaccinations across 55 countries.


Digital health, wellbeing platforms debut on World Health Day

Digital platforms MyHealth360 and MyWell360 launch to bring health and wellness information to every South African citizen.

Apr 6, 2021

Facebook, WHO promote authoritative COVID-19 vaccines info

The social media giant and the World Health Organisation partner to connect people to accurate information and reduce misinformation on its platforms.