IT in Healthcare

Life Healthcare adopts tech to improve critical services

The hospital group adopts a locally-developed care coordination and messaging platform across 12 of its hospitals.


White paper: Optimised document workflows in healthcare

Innovative solutions for driving operational excellence and delivering better patient care.


Dispensing, distribution and collection of medicine in Africa

Right ePharmacy and BBD have teamed up to develop the Pharmacy Dispensing Unit or ATM Pharmacy.


Healthcare as a business

Technology helps in freeing up a specialist’s time so they can see more patients, while ensuring that patients get the customer experience they expect, says Mark Taylor, CEO, Nashua.


Controversial NHI will depend on tech for success

Medical technologies such as mHealth and remote monitoring tools will play an important role in the success of the proposed National Health Insurance.

29 Oct

Digitising Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The healthcare market must be digitised at a much lower rate than other sectors and the technology needs to have a broader reach, says Phathizwe Malinga, MD of SqwidNet.


Telehealth untapped in local healthcare industry

The remote use of ICT is still a largely unexploited tool in the local healthcare industry, reveals the latest Philips Future Health Index.


SA National Blood Service to expand drone initiative

The non-profit plans to add more pilots to its blood delivery drone programme, once the test phase is successfully completed.


HPE breaks barriers with technology

The company uses tech to break down barriers in healthcare, financial services and activities such as motor racing and swimming.


SA carries out Africa’s first robotic knee replacement op

A Johannesburg hospital is the first in Africa to carry out a total knee replacement operation using a Mako robot.


Tech could minimise risk of head injuries at RWC

SWA, Keytree and Swansea University have created a mouthguard solution using SAP Cloud Platform that monitors the impact inflicted on a rugby player’s head.