Consulting and IT Services
18 Mar

eBook: Booked up, busy and billable

Five strategies to maximise technician utilisation.


MCI releases results of recruitment survey

The HR Recruitment Trend Survey reveals 93% of companies believe AI will play an important role in the recruitment process within the next few years.


Saratoga implements PWAs for media group

The Progressive Web Applications technology allows a Web site to act like an app, which includes offering offline availability.


Introducing modern, flexible, multifaceted workplace

ICT job types and descriptions have evolved from not existing to being critical to company strategy and delivery, says Bernadette Froelich, human capital manager at DAC Systems.

4 Mar

eBook: A VAR's guide to efficient quoting

Why you should make the switch from spreadsheets to CPQ.

28 Feb

eBook: Five steps to creating a memorable sales experience

Anticipate your customers' needs, keep in close contact with each customer, and be proactive.


Using project management to realise organisational capability

Strategic success is enabled by organisational capabilities, which can be created through organisational project management, says Hannes van den Berg, MD of ProjectLink.

Feb 22, 2019

eBook: Five steps to cloud service provider success

Demand for cloud services is exceptionally strong among SMEs.

Feb 20, 2019

IQbusiness becomes ActiveOps partner for Africa

The partnership aims to deliver digital operations management solutions to the service industries across Africa.

Feb 15, 2019

eBook: A tech company's profitability guide

Profitability makes the difference between loving your tech business and struggling through sleepless nights. ConnectWise helps you through the journey.