Social Media
3 hours ago

Facebook plugs fake news loopholes ahead of SA elections

The social network puts a number of measures in place to counter election interference and misinformation.


Blow for tech giants as EU approves copyright laws

Under the new law, online platforms will have to sign licensing agreements with authors and publishers to use their work.


Electioneering, evolved

Have digital tools and platforms really taken election campaigning up a notch?


Facebook restores services after massive outage

The company's services resume on its social networking platform, Instagram and WhatsApp after an outage over the weekend.

11 Apr

Facebook maps out Africa using artificial intelligence

The company creates artificial intelligence-powered maps to help humanitarian aid and relief agencies better assist people in need.

4 Apr

Online shopping via smartphones eclipses PCs, tablets

PwC's consumer survey finds smartphones are the device of choice for e-commerce, outstripping other commonly used online shopping channels.


IEC to fight fake news on social media

The Independent Electoral Commission launches an online reporting platform for citizens to report instances of alleged digital misinformation on social media.


Zuckerberg advocates for new Internet rules

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls for updated rules to govern the Internet, suggesting new regulation in four areas.


Joburg intros WhatsApp-based hotline

The JMPD makes it easy for residents to report reckless driving and by-law infringements by introducing a WhatsApp-based hotline.

28 Mar

Facebook bans white nationalism, separatism

The social network outlaws praise, support and representation of white nationalism and white separatism on its platforms.

26 Mar

'Digital gangster' Facebook to appoint content reviewers

The social media giant outlines plans to create an independent oversight board to provide guidelines around implementing a level of censorship on the platform.