Artificial Intelligence

Applications open for Microsoft Azure hackathon: 'AI for FSI'

The event aims to facilitate the creation of innovative prototypes that leverages AI and machinelearning services in the Azure cloud.


Preparing employees for an AI-led future

Businesses that communicate the benefits of AI clearly to workers are likely to get their buy-in and gain a competitive edge.


Blue Turtle, UiPath collaborate on RPA

Blue Turtle has been appointed as an official reseller partner for enterprise robotic process automation software company UiPath.


The fifth industrial revolution looms

The convergence of technology and humans is quickly barrelling us into the fifth industrial revolution: the era of artificial intelligence.


White paper: Discover three characteristics that foster an AI-ready culture

A successful AI strategy must consider cultural issues as well as business issues, says Microsoft.


Local job recruiters turn to artificial intelligence

A survey shows local human resources practitioners believe AI will play an important role in the recruitment process within the next few years.


Understanding the disruptive power of technology

Disruptive technology enables the novel application of tech fusions to solve human, society and business needs, says University of Pretoria's Aurona Gerber.


MCI releases results of recruitment survey

The HR Recruitment Trend Survey reveals 93% of companies believe AI will play an important role in the recruitment process within the next few years.


UiPath goes for diamond at ITWeb BPA event

The company has come on board as diamond sponsor for ITWeb's Business Process Management and Automation 2019 event, to be held on 9 April.

15 Mar

Microsoft to debut new Policy Innovation Centre, and 'AI in Africa' white paper

Join Microsoft on March 18th as it opens Microsoft's newest Policy Innovation Centre hosted by the University of Pretoria.

15 Mar

Building a digital expert to power client self-service

Why have so few companies managed to give us a Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri experience in the customer service arena?