Artificial Intelligence
8 hours ago

How SA compares to UAE in terms of ICT growth

Countries where governments take emerging technologies seriously and start adopting them in their processes tend to lead in innovation, says IDC.

11 hours ago

The role of tech in future education

Advances in technology will allow teachers to spend less time on routine tasks and give them new ways to understand and interact with their students, says Microsoft


Mobile app development trends that impact organisations

Mobile apps are moving towards adopting the latest disruptive technologies, such as the Internet of things, says Resolve Solution Partners.


IBM officially launches POWER9 in SA

IBM's POWER9 enterprise servers are designed to take companies into a multi-cloud artificial intelligence-enabled future.


African organisation of the future is autonomous

Automation technologies will present infinite opportunities for African businesses, says Oracle.


Artificial intelligence boosts digital commerce

The majority of digital commerce organisations report their AI projects are successful, says Gartner.


Huawei puts AI at centre of smart cities

At the Huawei Connect event, the company discussed how to build new smart cities using artificial intelligence.


Huawei in AI offensive

The company unveils a slew of artificial intelligence-focused products at the Huawei Connect event in China.


Google wants to be taken seriously as enterprise player

The Google Cloud Next 2018 conference is taking place in London, and the company aims to show customers how its cloud services differ from major rivals.


Open Data Initiative to empower a new generation of customer experiences

Industry leaders team up to help customers connect data across their organisations, find powerful insights and deliver intelligent services with AI.

10 Oct

The cloud of today... and tomorrow

Customers are recognising the value of the cloud and driving demand for it, which will position them to leverage cloud-driven future technologies like ubiquitous computing and intelligent edge.