Artificial Intelligence

Boosting productivity and differentiation with RPA

The implementation of RPA can free up to 20% of employees’ time that can be put to better use, says Micro Focus.


Axiz – registration sponsor for Micro Focus Realize 2020

The ICT distributor has come on board as registration sponsor of Micro Focus Realize 2020, to be held on 27 August at The Focus Rooms.


Truly intelligent storage designed for data-hungry businesses

For organisations across the board, data storage needs to go a step further, and become more intelligent, says Fred Saayman, Huawei Business Unit: Executive, at Pinnacle ICT.


All-out SaaS for IT operations management

Cloud and SaaS providers have proven their platforms are stable and secure, and it’s now commonplace for business-critical workloads to be on these platforms.


How data can help fight COVID-19

Technology, artificial intelligence and data science have become critical to helping humanity effectively deal with the coronavirus outbreak.


DataRobot, InterSystems sign integration and reseller agreement

InterSystems customers will be able to integrate insights from DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform into their healthcare applications.


New version of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform released

This is the third major release of the platform, which enables companies to solve their interoperability, scalability and speed problems.


South Africa calls on iiDENTIFii as a critical service provider

We are forced to change what we view as critical, essential, or even important at all as we come face-to-face with the COVID-19 pandemic, says iiDENTIFii.


Start training the skills of the future, now

The jobs conversation around 4IR should be about upskilling and creating digital skills rather than job losses, says Richard Firth, CEO of MIP Holdings.


Building the business case for RPA

Are you ready for hyper-automation? asks Harry Nicholson, senior product manager at Blue Turtle Technologies.


Govt puts mobile tech at centre of COVID-19 mass screening, testing

The South African government leans on mobile technology as it enters a new phase in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

30 Mar

Apple screening app helps users identify COVID-19 symptoms

Through Apple’s mobile and Web-based coronavirus screening tool, Siri provides users with detection information and resources.