EbookJan 29, 2024

eBook: Embracing adversity

This eBook shares the journey of the iOCO learnership, which aims to train young, unemployed graduates from different backgrounds as software test automation engineers.

EbookJan 18, 2024

eBook: Client data could cost you your business

Why your database strategy matters more than ever.

EbookDec 13, 2023

eBook: Redefine smart cities

Smart cities are the future and the foundation of smart cities is connectivity.

EbookDec 7, 2023

A bold, practical approach to customer communications

Customer communications affects so many different aspects of a business.

EbookDec 1, 2023

eBook: Redefine agriculture

Smart farms are the future, and the foundation of smart agri is connectivity...

LM LogsNov 29, 2023

eBook: Logging made easy – with LM Logs

LM Logs empowers ops teams to put the operational focus back on logs without sacrificing productivity.

EbookNov 21, 2023

eBook: Redefine the future of mining

5G-enabled technologies are already laying the foundation for smart mines, providing support for various applications through seamless connectivity.

EbookNov 21, 2023

eBook: Empowering next-gen MSPs with AIOps

To thrive in the competitive space, MSPs are discovering that artificial intelligence for IT operations points the way forward.

EbookOct 20, 2023

eBook: Transformative technology of the future depends on infrastructure – is yours future-proof?

It’s imperative to confront the uncomfortable truth: outdated infrastructure can stifle transformation, says Dimension Data.

EbookOct 12, 2023

eBook: The CISO’s guide to API security

Strategies for preventing data breaches, shadow APIs, abuse and other common challenges.

EbookOct 9, 2023

Guide: Security in the era of hybrid work

A guide and checklist for implementing comprehensive security.

CISO HandbookSept 29, 2023

CISO Handbook: Cyber security metrics, budgeting, leadership

Today, a CISO is consulted for decision-making in many different areas, transitioning into the role of business leaders.