Not all IT field services can handle Africa

Dropping in field support does not work in Africa. Support needs to extend from the ground up.

17 Sep

Taming the edge with wireless WAN technology

Wireless WAN solutions, especially those focused on enabling the edge, are the ticket to the type of networks we need today and tomorrow, says Axiz CTO Jacques Malherbe.

17 Sep

Cloud automation: The smarter solution to build a stronger business

Cloud automation puts a business in a stronger position to unlock the benefits of the cloud.


Wits University receives R8m for quantum computing initiative

The tertiary institution secures R8 million seed funding from the Department of Science and Innovation, to accelerate national quantum computing projects.


Seeing it in the numbers – new DDOS ‘normal’ is not normal in any way

According to research from NETSCOUT’s ATLAS Security Engineering and Response Team, threat actors launched about 5.4 million DDOS attacks in the first half of 2021.

16 Sep

Accelerating your digital strategy with MySQL

During an upcoming webinar: “Accelerating Your Digital Strategy with MySQL – iOCO and Oracle”, industry leaders will share how to power the business of tomorrow, today.


McAfee Enterprise research links new RaaS gang to Babuk

McAfee Enterprise Advanced Threat Research published an analysis on Groove Gang, a relatively new ransomware as a service operation.


Neurotechnology: The brain wired for healthcare

The answer to some of mankind’s biggest medical problems is likely in the future to be found at the confluence of science and technology.


Bidvest Mobility expands its service offering to meet supply chain demands

The demand for enterprise mobility solutions across the supply chain has increased over the last 18 months.


The fight against ransomware

How concerned are you about the risks associated with ransomware? Prevention is often the best strategy for managing ransomware risk.


Get rid of IT jargon to drive business transformation

Buzzwords, particularly those that are not directly linked to a specific technology such as VPN or 5G, often come to mean different things to different people.


The Microsoft and Axiz ecosystem difference

Microsoft has shifted from the monolithic systems of yesteryear and, through Azure, into one of the dominant cloud players in the market, says Anton van Rooyen, senior business development manager at Axiz Cloud Technologies.