Nicola Mawson
Nicola Mawson

Nicola Mawson is a contributor who hates corruption of any sort. She does not drive a million-rand Beemer and would rather walk.

Enabling through fibre

Jun 28, 2017

Fibre is the latest 'in' thing, enabling all sorts of services, some of which have yet to be conceptualised.

Using data intelligently

Business intelligence and data analytics are now seen as a top priority by senior executives.

What's the future of storage?

Apr 20, 2017

As the amount of data companies need to store grows exponentially, new thinking is required.

Slim pickings

May 25, 2016

The market rout and consolidation is chipping away at the value that listed ICT stocks offer investors.

Troubling times

Feb 15, 2016

While the economy is up to its knees in mire, the ICT sector looks set to ride choppy waves.

Rethinking connectivity

Internet access has traditionally been the domain of the better off, but there are ways around the challenge of affording access to all.


Dec 18, 2015

Why the Films and Publication Board wants to censor the internet - and why it's a ridiculous idea.

SARS is losing out

Sep 29, 2015

Tax laws are lagging behind the digital economy.

Digital apartheid

Aug 13, 2015

Those who cannot afford satellite TV will remain stuck in a quagmire of endless terrestrial repeats after SA moves to digital TV.

Is equity equivalency truly equitable?

Jul 29, 2015

Four out of seven approved programmes have come from the ICT sector, but have they added any value?

Govt stats leave ICT in the dark

Jun 30, 2015

Statistics SA indicators fail to give insight into the value of the ICT sector.

Flagship phone shootout

Jun 30, 2015

LG's latest handset is cheaper on contract than paying cash up-front, but Apple still wins in this space.