SA astronomers go open source for massive MeerKAT data

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory will use open source technology to store and retrieve the huge volumes of data from the MeerKAT radio telescope.


Discovery launches digital bank

The health insurer unveils a behavioural bank that looks to incorporate the latest technology trends.


Summit unpacks SA sci-tech white paper

The Department of Science and Technology hosted its first summit on the new draft White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation.


African tech start-ups secure R9m in funding

Startupbootcamp AfriTech participants bag funding and commercial agreements to further develop their tech start-ups.


Medical pros achieve better outcomes with tech

Healthbridge was one of the sponsors of the inaugural ASAIPA National Medical Awards 2018.


E-tolls company hosts transport hackathon

UDrive, a mobile solution that delivers turn-by-turn public transport directions via SMS or WhatsApp, wins the ETC Hackathon.


Wind industry commits to transformation, indigenisation

A commitment statement drafted by members of the wind energy industry has been adopted at an AGM of the South African Wind Energy Association.

8 Nov

Samsung doubles screen size with foldable phone

The South Korean company presents a foldable display that will allow its future smartphone screens to be seamlessly folded in half.

8 Nov

Gartner unveils top IOT trends

The company predicts the top Internet of things trends that will drive digital business innovation from 2018 through to 2023.

7 Nov

Ford tests tech to keep cars moving

The motoring manufacturer is trialling technology in connected cars that see them slow down and speed up at appropriate times, to avoid stopping altogether.


Zindi, MIIA to host data science competitions

The two companies will collaborate to design online data science competitions using geographic information system data and satellite imagery.