Preparing employees for an AI-led future

Businesses that communicate the benefits of AI clearly to workers are likely to get their buy-in and gain a competitive edge.


Microsoft SA unveils policy innovation centre

The new facility looks to bring together various stakeholders to share experiences and best practices to foster innovative policy dialogue.


People more open to innovations in transport tech

A study by Visa and Stanford University finds 50% of people would use more public transport if the associated technology were improved.


Talking African tech investment needs

Investors looking to spend money in Africa would do well to consider key sectors such as future workforce development, edutech and agritech.


The future of skills in Africa

For Bank Zero founding member Mo Hassem, the time is now to create the skills we will need for the future and it all starts with rethinking education.


Renewables debate rages as Eskom woes deepen

Energy experts are at odds over the costs associated with coal versus renewables, as Eskom struggles to keep the lights on.


Opportunity knocks with MS Azure data centres

The Microsoft Azure data centres launch offers opportunities for female entrepreneurs, says Verve Digital.


The fifth industrial revolution looms

The convergence of technology and humans is quickly barrelling us into the fifth industrial revolution: the era of artificial intelligence.


SqwidNet University Challenge seeks IOT ideas

The competition aims to challenge university students to develop innovative projects aimed at solving real-world problems, using IOT technology.


Foldable phones to lead flexible screen frontier

The foldable device trend will intensify as tech firms bend over backwards to release tablets, laptops and TVs in the new, flexible form factor.


SqwidNet challenges students to embrace IOT

The aim of the IoT SA University Challenge is to get university students to solve real-world challenges using the Internet of things.