SA forecast to manufacture EVs locally by 2026

The first iteration of locally-manufactured electric vehicles is expected as early as 2026, driven by emerging opportunities.

DVT26 Apr

How AI search can boost e-commerce sales

AI-powered search is not just about responding to user queries but understanding and anticipating the user's needs, says Algolia's Valerie Waterschoot.

IOCO25 Apr

Weak AI vs strong AI

Weak AI focuses on one particular task and strong AI focuses on intelligence that can handle any task in any domain, says Callan Abrahams, principal AI consultant at iOCO.


Barcodes and RFID tags: Understanding the features and use cases

Choosing between RFID and barcode tech depends on requirements around security, durability, cost and implementation.

IoTdc24 Apr

The service delivery quick wins IOT could offer SA

By using tech like IOT, SA could improve service delivery and address wasted expenditure and fraud in a matter of months, says Ewald Fourie, co-founder and CEO of IoTdc.


Five hottest tech trends of 2024

Discover the hottest tech trends in 2024, from quantum computing and semiconductors, to advances in battery, space technology, and generative AI.


South Africa’s draft AI strategy needs more work, say pundits

Industry experts weigh-in on SA’s draft plan for artificial intelligence, with some believing it’s a start in the right direction and others saying it’s too limited.


Woolworths farmers integrate drone tech for agriculture

Drone technology will be used to identify plants under stress, empowering farmers to make data-driven decisions and conserve water.


Unparalleled transformation with AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the public sector.

FNB19 Apr

ITWeb TV: FNB to deploy in-app GenAI agents

The bank is building an internal database to support generative artificial intelligence, in a move aimed at improving the functionality of its mobile app.

FNOs19 Apr

FNOs, ISPs work hand in hand to cross digital divide

St Thomas Aquinas school, connected by Evotel and ISP, Cool Ideas, makes extensive use of smartboards throughout the school campus.


Ten ways to slash rising electricity costs

The prepaid electricity price increase, compounded by rising inflation and potential fuel price hikes, will strain consumer budgets even further, says Dr Andrew Dickson, engineering executive at CBI-electric: low voltage.