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Endpoints the new frontier in security battle

Over half of successful cyber attacks are on endpoints, says Jeremy Matthews, Panda Security Africa.

Local blockchain initiative gets Silicon Valley backing

Riccardo `Fluffypony' Spagni announces a new open source blockchain protocol, Tari, being built to manage digital assets.

One user, one e-mail can bring down a company

Too many organisations still neglect the security basics in the face of increasing risks of ransomware attacks.

Scott Ambler, Mark Lines talk business agility

The creators of the Disciplined Agile Framework will host a conference and present workshops for a week in July, says IndigoCube.

Open, single and ready to mingle

A single view of the customer requires a willingness to change from proprietary methodologies to ones built on open standards.

Home appliances present new risks

Technology is changing so rapidly that security risks are being left behind in some areas.

Mix red, blue and yellow to create secure software

Verizon's April Wright outlined a new paradigm for integrating developers with offensive and defensive teams to fight software vulnerabilities.

The channel evolution

Customer demand is driving change within the channel.

Businesses ignore OS licensing at their peril


Open source licence non-compliance is a major risk for companies of all sizes, the 2018 OSSRA report reveals.

Demand for quality assurance and testing skills


This has seen explosive growth over the last few years as corporates look to boost their testing and QA teams, says Jumping Bean.

Measuring the unmeasurable

The role of cost transparency is becoming increasingly critical to large businesses, says Blake Davidson, Head of Delivery at Magic Orange.

EOH going for Gold with Microsoft

EOH in the Western Cape has achieved six Gold and one Silver Microsoft Partner Competency Status' since August last year, the company says.

Take charge of digital transformation

The customer will not wait for you to build an app that does what they want; they'll pick a competitor that gives them what they need, says Laura Wier, Practice Head: Business Enablement at DVT.