Project Management

Top tech projects that have changed the world

The World Wide Web is the most important project of the modern era, according to the Project Management Institute.


SoluGrowth uses PPO

The PPO PPM tool improves quality management, and adds structure and discipline to the business environment.


Predictive and adaptive thinking in IT

Research by the Project Management Institute shows 44% of projects use the waterfall method, while 30% use agile methods.


Helping Agile projects succeed through business analysis

Business Change Academy's new Agile Business Analysis course provides much-needed context in helping Agile projects to succeed through business analysis.


(Good) software delivery in a fast-paced world

Continuous improvement in an environment that is always changing is vital to long-term success, says Singular Systems.


How IT hardware is rolled out for a national election, and tips with your IT hardware project

It takes careful planning with regard to hardware, logistics, teamwork and set-up, and experience in knowing what can go wrong, to mitigate the risks, says Clayton Heldsinger, Managing Director of Go Rentals.

Sep 9, 2019

Cummins AME PMO shares transformation journey

Cummins Africa Middle East won the South African 2018/2019 ‘PMO of the Year’ award.


The build or buy dilemma

What sort of IT systems will be required to ensure the success of the NHI project?

Sep 3, 2019

Zensar showcases AI-powered digital transformation capabilities

The company displayed its artificial intelligence capabilities at Experience Micro Focus Universe, in Johannesburg, last week.

Sep 3, 2019

Unlocking the true value of data

Choosing the right project delivery approach is key for big data project success.


Why change-agility is essential for Agile

If there's one thing organisations and teams need in these disruptive times, it’s the ability to pull together, pivot quickly and get things done.