CIO Zone
6 Feb

Totally changeable

The flexibility of software-defined networking (SDN) is what enables some of the world's biggest companies to be innovative and scale their services to reach millions of people. In South Africa, there have been a lot of announcements around SDN and its big brother, software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), in the last few months. Are local firms taking advantage of the opportunities it provides?


Western Cape details its biggest ICT spend

The Western Cape government CIO reveals the province's broadband project has seen the biggest ICT expenditure over the past few years.


Steady, steady wins the transformation race

The adage of reuse, reduce, recycle should also apply to corporate IT operations, as an astounding level of wasteful expenditure is the norm.

24 Jan

Govt CIOs divulge top investment priorities for 2019

Government CIOs will increase investment in cyber security and data analytics in 2019, ousting cloud services from the top spot, says Gartner.


Cloud security needs scaled learning, communication

Many businesses are not taking into account the new risks cloud poses, and they are not adopting an appropriate threat model, says Synthesis.


Busisiwe Mathe to present at ITWeb's GRC 2019 event

Chairperson of the South African Governing Board, Mathe will present the keynote address at the conference next month.

Jan 8, 2019

The CISO vs the cyber criminal

The chief information security officer (CISO) could be spending his cyber security budget incorrectly.


Absa's Jacques Barkhuizen is the Visionary CIO 2018

Jacques Barkhuizen, Absa chief information officer for virtual channels/digital banking, has won the prestigious IITPSA Visionary CIO award for 2018.


Etion's Teddy Daka named IT Personality of the Year 2018

Daka, CEO of JSE AltX-listed Etion, is the 40th winner of the prestigious IT Personality of the Year title.

Nov 27, 2018

Tech predictions: 2019 will be the year of the CIO

Forrester Research predicts the CIO's role will be elevated in 2019, as the IT executive is given room to lead and orchestrate this vital company role.


Digital era brings a new breed of CIO

The CIO must get the company ready for innovation and nurture a forward-thinking culture so it can leverage technology to optimise processes and drive digital transformation, says Charl Ueckermann, CEO at AVeS Cyber Security.