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Accelerate digital transformation with intelligent automation

Companies are reframing, rethinking and reimagining their activities and determining how to intelligently improve them, but there is a vital foundational first step.


New tech to the rescue in cyber security crisis

Cyber security is a constant growing concern for CIOs and CISOs, but the cavalry could be in sight, in the form of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


The ITWeb Brainstorm CIO Survey is now live

Key findings of the 2021 survey will be revealed at the annual Brainstorm CIO Banquet, which will be run in a hybrid format on 28 October.


The dynamic of extending security into the cloud

Digital transformation threats erode the security perimeter into a virtual and dynamic concept, rather than fixed infrastructure at specific locations.

7 Oct

MTN appoints CFO for digital, fintech business

The mobile operator names Adekunle Awobodu as new chief financial officer for digital and fintech.


Nominate candidates for 2021 IITPSA President’s Awards

The Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa says nominations are now open for the 2021 IITPSA President’s Awards.


4Sight Africa achieves profitability in just 10 months

4Sight Africa MD Christiaan Leboho says the company achieved profitability based on the value proposition it offers in the public sector.


SAP looks within to find Africa COO

SAP Africa announces the appointment of Tracy Bolton as its new COO to head up the Africa region.

28 Sep

The cloud relationship: It’s complicated

When it comes to the cloud, one size does not fit all, it doesn’t work with just one click, and speed is still very much of the essence.


Large-scale agile tensions in traditional banks

Improving agility while managing risk, compliance and governance proves to be a tricky balancing act for many traditional banks.


Digital transformation ensures survival of the fittest

In this fast-paced world, any organisation wanting to survive, thrive and remain relevant simply cannot ignore the urgent need to digitally transform.


Key lessons for companies embarking on digital transformation

Digital transformation is not a silver bullet, as it is a fact that few digital initiatives will result in a 10x factor of change − contrary to the claims of some consultants.