CIO Zone

ITWeb, VMware second CISO survey under way

The survey will result in a research report about the unique challenges facing SA's top cyber security professionals.


Cyber-risk and readiness review saves time, money

CS-IT believes in the Pareto Principle, that 80% of your risk can be mitigated by addressing the top 20% of the causes.


Four attributes of mature project management organisations

A holistic approach to project management incorporates consistent methods, reliable processes, predictable outcomes and measurable results to deliver sustainable benefits, says Werner Meyer, founding director of ProjectLink.


Leveraging the intelligent edge

It's the big new buzzword in IoT, but how mature is the `intelligent edge'? Brainstorm convened a special roundtable to find out.


Going beyond BYOD

Offering businesses a world of possibilities, the key to getting enterprise mobility right is understanding the risks. If you don't, it could be costing you money and putting your business at risk.


Keeping capital projects on a successful trajectory

The Project Definition Rating Index is a tool applied to various phases of a project life cycle to ensure its successful execution, says Werner Meyer, founding director of ProjectLink.

20 Mar

Storage strategies

Redefining the datacentre for today's digital world.


Emergent disruption

It's time to embrace the inevitability of digital disruption and use it to spearhead innovation and redefine revenue.


SITA taps ICT veteran as chief digital officer

The agency names former BCX CIO Jacques Loubser as its chief digital officer, to lead its digital transformation and evolution process.

Mar 4, 2019

The future of fibre

Fibre is no longer a dream on the horizon of a connected South Africa. This is the largest fibre market on the continent and, despite a continental year-on-year slowing of fixed line services by 0.1%, SA's FTTH connections were growing by more than 30% by mid-2018, according to the FTTH Council. But the migration from ADSL and the saturation in affluent urban areas are reaching their peaks. What's next for the local fibre market?


Backup and recovery balancing act

What's more important: the speed of recovery or the amount of data an organisation is willing to lose?