CIO Zone

Etion's Teddy Daka named IT Personality of the Year 2018

Daka, CEO of JSE AltX-listed Etion, is the 40th winner of the prestigious IT Personality of the Year title.


Tech predictions: 2019 will be the year of the CIO

Forrester Research predicts the CIO's role will be elevated in 2019, as the IT executive is given room to lead and orchestrate this vital company role.


Digital era brings a new breed of CIO

The CIO must get the company ready for innovation and nurture a forward-thinking culture so it can leverage technology to optimise processes and drive digital transformation, says Charl Ueckermann, CEO at AVeS Cyber Security.


Data analytics: an underused tool

Local companies are missing a beat in not making better use of their data. They should see it as an asset that can add enormous value to their operations.

23 Nov

Is IaaS on the way out?

The global cloud industry is really gaining momentum, and with this growth comes a few changes.

16 Nov

AI needs the right information architecture

Analytics has become an overwhelming challenge for many organisations, and demands built-in intelligence, says IBM.

16 Nov

Take analytics to the data, not vice versa

Copying and extracting data allows it to lose value and context, and causes latency, which makes the data out of date, says IBM.

Nov 13, 2018

Is Agile a threat to project managers?

Make no mistake, Agile is here to stay, and is the way of work in the future.

Nov 8, 2018

Gartner unveils top IOT trends

The company predicts the top Internet of things trends that will drive digital business innovation from 2018 through to 2023.


Building future-proof CIO capacity crucial for SA progress

Today's CIO must not only keep the lights on, but must also play a direct role in driving new products, services and business, says the IITPSA.

Oct 31, 2018

The CISO's worst nightmare

While CIOs and CISOs have no idea if and when attacks are happening at the edge, this is exactly where a company's greatest vulnerability lies, says Pieter Engelbrecht, Aruba BU manager for sub-Saharan Africa.