CIO Zone

Companies urged to act swiftly in edge computing era

Aruba Networks’ new book affirms opportunities at the edge, advising organisations to evolve their approach to technology and business models.


Aruba CTO lists top edge computing predictions

The next five years will mark a shift in the data centre space, with some of the servers moving to the edge, says Partha Narasimhan.


Customers need more than analogue

You have to use digital platforms to engage with customers or you’ll go out of business, says Calton Nhando, digital consultant at IndigoCube.


Changing the corporate IT game

Some of the world's biggest cloud providers are commissioning data centres on South African soil. Expect the face of corporate IT to change forever.


Five clear steps for CIOs to achieve business agility

All companies can evolve into customer-centric organisations that provide sustained innovation and value.


'Scary' findings in Project Management Office Insights survey

Only 25% of strategic projects undertaken by South African businesses are managed by project managers within project management offices.


Curb machine learning expectations in security

Rather than being used in isolation, machine learning must act as another layer to boost security, says Cisco distinguished engineer TK Keanini.


Truth is a security problem, says SensePost's Van der Walt

It’s our job to ensure the appropriate security of data. Every time we fail, it’s a setback for a free and open society.


The business case for cyber resilience

Cyber resilience is about being proactive, not reactive, said Mimecast’s Brian Pinnock, at ITWeb Security Summit 2019 in the Mother City yesterday.


What’s keeping you from business agility?

A look at the factors keeping organisations on their current, cautious path and away from remaining competitive and delivering customer value.


A world at war

In a world where data drives everything we do, truth, integrity, sovereignty and freedom are security problems, delegates heard at the Cape leg of ITWeb Security Summit 2019.