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Endpoints the new frontier in security battle

Over half of successful cyber attacks are on endpoints, says Jeremy Matthews, Panda Security Africa.

POPI set to be a 'rude awakening' for SA businesses

The industry watchdog will be looking to make an impact when the legislation finally comes into force, says Webber Wentzel.

Illegal crypto-currency miners pocket $100m to date

We can expect an increase in malicious coin miners, driven by the prospect of financial gains and increased anonymity, says Helge Husemann of Malwarebytes.

Africa's limited data protection laws heighten GDPR significance

A lot of countries on the continent have no data protection legislation whatsoever, warns Deloitte's data privacy specialist.

Hacking the machine, at ITWeb's Security Summit

Teams of keen young coders are hunkered down in Midrand, using machine learning to solve real world business cases.

One user, one e-mail can bring down a company

Too many organisations still neglect the security basics in the face of increasing risks of ransomware attacks.

Beware of 'blinded random block corruption' attacks

Very few systems offer memory encryption, which makes them vulnerable to attack, says Intel's Rodrigo Branco

Printers, like any other device, are vulnerable

Multifunction printers are easy to hack, says CSIR cyber security specialist.

How long before you know you've been hacked?

Most organisations in South Africa are not prepared for a malware attack.

Home appliances present new risks

Technology is changing so rapidly that security risks are being left behind in some areas.

Mix red, blue and yellow to create secure software

Verizon's April Wright outlined a new paradigm for integrating developers with offensive and defensive teams to fight software vulnerabilities.

Automation will take over day-to-day IT security jobs

And that is not necessarily a bad thing for cyber security professionals, said Netskope's Neil Thacker.

Supply chain the new weak link in business security


The business and professional services sector has received a significant increase of attacks, particularly in the EMEA region, says a Dimension Data report.