10 hours ago

GandCrab ransomware continues to evolve

Fortinet recently discovered a new version, GandCrab 4.1, only two days after the previous version 4 was discovered

Mimecast introduces early adopter offer for Web solution

11 hours ago

The programme is open to existing Mimecast customers looking to improve their defences against Web-based attacks.

Ensure success with identity and access management

Your initial IDAM solution specs should include detailed current and probable future functionality requirements, says Wayne Olsen, security business unit manager at Datacentrix.

Being prepared is key to mitigating cyber attacks

The Internet of things has led to the attack surface widening, and cyber criminals have devised ways to attack smart lighting and security, cars and even medical health devices, says Simon Campbell-Young, MD of Credence Security.

Security solutions for modern data centres

The NetScaler SD-WAN device forwards the Internet and cloud application traffic to the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform, says Kurt Goodall, technical director at Troye.

Millions of Telefonica customers' data exposed


Anyone with a Movistar account could view other users' personal data.

Video: Windows Defender ATP helps stop breaches


Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a security platform for intelligent protection, detection, investigation and response.

AI can hunt the hackers using IOT against us


The Internet of things universe and its countless minions can be harnessed to our will to secure networks.

Top cyber security risks for business

Ransomware remains the top cause of loss in cyber claims, and business interruption is the key impact of a ransomware attack, says Roxanne Griffiths, financial lines underwriting manager at AIG SA.

14 million Verizon customer records leaked


The records contained sensitive personal information, including numbers, names and account PINs.

Did one simple issue crash Liberty?

The weakest link in an organisation of any size is always the human element.

Is machine learning hampering security?

If machine learning is pure anomaly detection, it creates many false-positive alerts, making the security analyst's job more difficult, says SecBI.

Guidelines for mitigating third-party risk

Potential third-party risks include regulatory and legal violations, reputation damage, information security breaches and financial volatility, says CURA.