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Cyber security top of mind for WEF elite

The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report for 2018 ranks cyber attacks, a deteriorating geopolitical landscape and environmental risks among the top worries for the coming year.

Cyber bullying monitoring site makes its debut


KidTech launches to help parents identify whether their children are victims of cyber bullying.

Facebook wants everyone to join the Watch Party

The world's largest social media platform introduces a new feature that lets multiple people watch the same live video.

Limpopo schools get tech savvy

Two high schools in the province receive computer facilities to kick-start the 2018 academic year.

Adapt IT predicts earnings growth


The JSE-listed group expects interim headline earnings per share to be between 20% and 25% higher than a year ago.

Deal allows simultaneous company, domain name registry


A partnership now makes it possible to register a new company and its equivalent domain name at the same time.

Online map shows CT water usage per household

As Day Zero looms ever closer, the City of Cape Town develops an online water map that shows the water usage of all free-standing houses.

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The big data exploration: part two


It is important to choose an ecosystem that suits the entire company's current and planned strategic objectives.

Nothing half-hearted about semiconductor industry

Are the chips down regarding consolidation in the semiconductor sector?

A relic from the past?

Training providers of prospective and current software testing practitioners have not adapted their curricula in line with global trends.

It's a rough start to 2018

Meltdown and Spectre - two errors found in CPUs - are scary flaws. How impacted are you and I?

'Tis the season for secure apps

Dec 8, 2017

Make sure apps don't disappoint this festive season.

Becoming one with the machines

Dec 6, 2017

Ask not what tech can do for you, but what you and tech can do together for people - that's the advice of TransUnion CEO Lee Naik.

App varieties: The spice of life

Nov 28, 2017

Network analytics and today's changing app landscape bring increasing challenges for network managers and administrators.

Conmen are everywhere

Nov 24, 2017

Total visibility at all times is crucial to prevent cyber criminals from seeking to influence a company's employees.

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