Enterprise Architecture

White paper: EA helps companies in times of crisis

How strategic planning and enterprise architecture help companies successfully rebound from a crisis.


MS outlines new vision, rolls out multiple cloud solutions

Microsoft introduces industry-specific cloud solutions, as part of its new vision to co-innovate and support its customers and partners across the globe.


SURVEY: SA lags in cloud adoption

Compared to EMEA, SA businesses have a relatively low uptake of cloud-based services.


Tech advances from ‘roadie to centre stage’ amid COVID-19

With technology playing a critical role during the pandemic, every organisation must position itself as a technology business going forward, says Accenture’s Paul Daugherty.


White paper: Digital business models and the role of cloud

The global pandemic revealed organisations that were early adopters of cloud, digital and collaborative tech were better positioned for crisis recovery.


Why ERP standardisation is not the complete answer

Strategic customisations in key enterprise resource planning areas can enhance and develop your company’s unique competitive advantages.

17 Feb

Telkom unit BCX fights legacy platforms, banks on R&D

For the company to start making money, BCX is putting more resources in research and development, as well as moving away from legacy infrastructure.


The value of data warehouse automation to the modern business

With data warehouse automation, enterprises will find that optimisation, efficiency and reuse become the new status quo within the data warehouse.


Trust without the middleman

A smart contract contains the agreement itself as well as the code that will execute when certain pre-determined conditions are met, says Nico Coetzee, enterprise architect at Ovations.

12 Feb

Sigfox migrates infrastructure to Google Cloud to process billions of messages monthly, develop value-added services

Sigfox partners with Google Cloud, to scale its cloud infrastructure and extend its Internet of things services portfolio.


Digitisation becomes critical as the IOT industrialises

Speaking at the virtual MTN Business IOT Developer Day, Professor Brian Armstrong said it's vital that manufacturers get started on their digital transformation journeys, to become cognitive enterprises.


SA’s thriving data centre industry leads to widening skills gap

The growing local data centre industry fuels demand for cloud skills, resulting in increasing desperation to fill the widening skills gap, say analysts.