Open Source

PPS innovates with AI, ML

The company has harnessed artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a platform that gives members personalised services.

11 Apr

Google bolsters multi-cloud strategy with Anthos

Google's new multi-cloud offering, Anthos, allows customers to manage workloads running in not only its cloud but in the clouds of rivals AWS and Azure.


How open source tech is changing the world

Open source is unrivalled in cost, flexibility, freedom, security and community, and has seen massive growth and acceptance in business.

10 Apr

Google Cloud backs open source community with partnerships

New Google Cloud chief Thomas Kurian announces strategic partnerships with seven leading open source companies.


What the new EU copyright law means for open source

The European Union has voted to adopt controversial copyright regulations that could negatively impact the ethos of open source software.

5 Apr

SUSE poised for growth with new owner

The newly-independent open source company is looking forward to pursuing its own strategy under a new owner, it says.

3 Apr

What do MS Calculator and NSA's security tool have in common?

Both were open-sourced last month - and the impact of these moves could be significant.


Power hikes in SA make Bitcoin mining unprofitable

Local players say mining Bitcoin in the country will not be profitable unless miners have their electricity bill subsidised.


WSO2 signs VAR deal with DeARX

As a WSO2 value-added reseller for southern Africa, DeARX will deliver open source technology solutions to customers in the region.


Magento exploit endangers e-commerce sites

The attack code could be used to plant card-skimmers on sites that have not yet installed a fix.


AltCoinTrader in forked coin offensive

The local crypto-currency exchange supports crypto-currency forks as competition in the market heats up.