Analysts predict tough time for Google’s Pixel 4 in SA

For the new Google phone to succeed in a price-conscious market like SA, it would need to be top-notch in its specs and priced more aggressively.


SA's IP Convergence conference is back and bigger than ever!

MiRO’s IP-CON is an information and networking event for ICT stakeholders that showcases new IP-based technologies to prepare businesses for the future.


Perimeter security gets a smart upgrade

SqwidNet and Teqcon have launched an intelligent, wireless perimeter solution for properties in remote areas and sites needing extra security that prevents unauthorised access.

11 Oct

Loss-making Cell C mulls asset sales

The mobile operator’s fibre-optic network and base of billed customers are up for grabs, according to a report.

11 Oct

NEC XON, Mimosa bring hybrid fibre wireless to SA

The new partnership will offer hybrid fibre wireless services, which use millimetre wave technology to provide affordable, high-speed hybrid Internet services.

10 Oct

MTN celebrates 25 years with 95% 4G coverage in SA

The mobile network operator says it has reached 95% 4G coverage across the country.


SA Connect: ‘One step forward, two steps back’

The communications ministry says a feasibility study is in the works to determine an efficient way to deliver the second phase of the ambitious government broadband project.

8 Oct

Nokia in low-cost feature phone offensive in SA

The company unveils the fourth generation of its most popular feature phone – the Nokia 105 – in SA.


Cell C open to negotiations amid talk of China Mobile interest

The mobile operator responds to speculation about China Mobile’s interest in the company.


WiFi 6 to enable SA’s IOT-driven industries

The next-generation wireless network will offer a performance leap for industries that heavily rely on Internet of things devices, say industry watchers.

7 Oct

TV white space overcomes WiFi limitations

TVWS could transform the way citizens buy and use wireless Internet across the African continent, according to Axiz and ICCN.