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Using analytics to improve the world

The Data for Good campaign aims to apply analytics to global challenges, thereby improving lives around the world, says Antionette van Zyl, business solutions manager at SAS SA.

Solutions sought for Cape Town water crisis


Power and energy magazine ESI Africa will host a free-to-air Webinar next month to seek tech strategies to combat the problem.

KFC adds solar to its secret recipe


Outlets in the Eastern Cape install solar energy, looking to save up to R410 000 over a five-year term.

Curbing Day Zero one tech at a time

16 Feb

Capetonians continue with desperate attempts to find digital solutions to mitigate Day Zero, despite the day being pushed out to 4 June.

MS Azure comes to rescue of on-the-brink rhinos

Microsoft Azure is a hi-tech artificial intelligence solution for the age-old rhino poaching problem, which saw over a thousand of the animals killed in SA last year.

Africa shackled to fossil fuels until 2033

Renewable energy will emerge victorious in Africa only in 2033 or later, even though renewable economics are unquestionably already improving.

Vital role of analytics as Day Zero approaches

14 Feb

Advanced analytics can assist in both curbing excessive usage by citizens and identifying structural failures leading to the loss of water.

Tesla warns spending could rise in 2018

8 Feb

The electric automaker's plan to increase its spending this year underscores its growing need for cash.

Lynne Brown finally approves signing of renewables deals

The minister approves Eskom's application to purchase additional renewable energy from independent power producers.

Alibaba, Foxconn invest $350m in electric car start-up

30 Jan

Chinese electric car maker Xiaopeng Motors plans to release its first vehicle this year, with investment from Alibaba Group and Foxconn Technology.

'Cheaper' clean energy to connect world's poor

With the declining costs of creating solar power and wind energy, renewable energy prices will soon be "consistently cheaper", say energy experts.

Fishackathons: Why SA should get involved

Jan 25, 2018

Environmental technologists aim to use digital innovations to solve the global problem of over-fishing.

SA joins Mobile Phone Recycling Day observation

Locals are urged to recycle their old phones to protect chimpanzees being threatened by the extraction of minerals used to manufacture the devices.