Green IT

Sky to tap: how water is provided and managed

A water-secure future necessitates close co-operation between the public and private sectors, says Russell Dick, CEO at MICROmega H20.


ZTE teams with KPN

The companies successfully completed the test of the first 5G application for Precision Agriculture on an experimental farm in The Netherlands.


Young scientists impress at Eskom Expo

A learner from PE was chosen as the overall winner and will head off to Berlin next year to complete a complimentary mechatronics apprenticeship.


Nuclear body slams SA's energy plans for renewables bias

Rather than being technology neutral, the IRP 2018 has been developed with certain policy outcomes in mind, says NIASA.


Dutch team bags Sasol Solar Challenge

Nuon from Delft University in the Netherlands wins the 2018 Sasol Solar Challenge in Stellenbosch, clocking 4 030.4km.


New app helps tackle tree threats in SA

The app allows users to report tree threats posed by invasive pests and infections, and enables service providers to respond in real-time.


Sasol Solar Challenge heats up

Tshwane University of Technology pulls a first at the ongoing race, overtaking one of the top international competitors.


Blockchain, AI, 3D printing reduce renewables prices

New technologies are accelerating the deployment of renewable energy, according to Deloitte.

Sep 13, 2018

Study reaffirms renewables now cheaper than coal

Rising input costs and energy insecurity have made coal increasingly less competitive for electricity generation, a study reveals.

Aug 28, 2018

SAP Next-Gen, SBC AfriTech seek water innovations

The entities tap into the creativity of start-ups to accelerate solutions aligned with the Global Water Initiative.

Aug 28, 2018

Fujitsu builds Edu-Smart Green Centres for schools

Fujitsu and Sizwe Africa IT Group collaborate to build Edu-Smart Green Centres to digitise schools in rural communities.