Emerging Technologies

Old Mutual's 22seven taps into crypto-currencies

The money management app gets an update to enable users to track more than 1 800 crypto-currencies in rands.


High demand for tech skills as African cities smarten up

Data scientists, analysts and cloud specialists are sought-after as the market pushes for an open IOT ecosystem on the continent.


Summit unpacks SA sci-tech white paper

The Department of Science and Technology hosted its first summit on the new draft White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation.

8 Nov

Samsung doubles screen size with foldable phone

The South Korean company presents a foldable display that will allow its future smartphone screens to be seamlessly folded in half.

8 Nov

Gartner unveils top IOT trends

The company predicts the top Internet of things trends that will drive digital business innovation from 2018 through to 2023.


Self-driving car industry needs standards and security

European car industry executives believe automakers need clear guidelines for safeguarding driver information and privacy to make self-driving cars a success.

7 Nov

South Africans develop new blockchain protocol

South Africans based in Mauritius are developing a mobile money platform and blockchain protocol to create a new crypto-currency.

7 Nov

Ford tests tech to keep cars moving

The motoring manufacturer is trialling technology in connected cars that see them slow down and speed up at appropriate times, to avoid stopping altogether.

6 Nov

Oracle customers can test emerging tech in new innovation hub

Oracle is opening an innovation hub in Johannesburg next week for customers to experiment with emerging tech.


Expect foldable phones influx next year

A Chinese electronics manufacturer has already released the world's first smartphone with a foldable screen, with larger players expected to follow early next year.

5 Nov

Eskom pilots solar-powered microgrid

The clean energy facility provides electricity to 14 households in the Wilhelmina community in the Free State.