Emerging Technologies

People more open to innovations in transport tech

A study by Visa and Stanford University finds 50% of people would use more public transport if the associated technology were improved.


ExtraHop identified as global vendor of cyber analytics

A new Gartner report hails ExtraHop as a leading provider of network traffic analytics, with local distributor Corr-Serve welcoming the accolade.


The fifth industrial revolution looms

The convergence of technology and humans is quickly barrelling us into the fifth industrial revolution: the era of artificial intelligence.


Comsol targets fixed wireless market with 5G network

The wireless infrastructure provider plans to use 5G for fixed wireless services and is targeting the fibre-to-the-home market.


Foldable phones to lead flexible screen frontier

The foldable device trend will intensify as tech firms bend over backwards to release tablets, laptops and TVs in the new, flexible form factor.


SA's new sci-tech roadmap speaks to Industry 4.0

The new science, technology and innovation policy looks to ensure SA benefits from the rapid technological shifts brought by the fourth industrial revolution.


Understanding the disruptive power of technology

Disruptive technology enables the novel application of tech fusions to solve human, society and business needs, says University of Pretoria's Aurona Gerber.


The future of payments

A safe, cashless schooling environment is no longer a pipe dream, but a reality being achieved by schools today, says d6 group.


Mobile tech tracks lions on the loose

The University of Pretoria-led pilot study utilises cellphone-based technology to improve human-lion co-existence in rural African communities.


IOT is at work in 34% of global companies

Over a third of global firms use the Internet of things and 70% of these adopters have moved beyond the pilot stage, according to Vodafone IOT Barometer 2019.

15 Mar

Investec, BankservAfrica reveal blockchain-based ID system

Investec, BankservAfrica and uPort demonstrate a digital identity system anchored in the Ethereum blockchain.