Business Intelligence

Regulation, re-imagination and the recession

With the recession likely to spark more credit applications, businesses need to look at affordability and credit-worthiness data holistically.


Driving effective use of info in your organisation

Data needs to be accessible in its simplest form for decision-makers to gain actionable insights, says Adriaan Hubinger, engagement manager: Data, Information, and Analytics at Decision Inc.


Embracing the cognitive engine in the pursuit of insights from analytics

Modernising Management, a South African Qlik Master Reseller partner, recently launched its Analytics2Insight platform.


Know your CTS for supply chain profitability

Supply chain profitability can be improved by looking at the cost to serve, says Resolve Solution Partners.


Achieving a successful digital transformation

Any digital transformation effort is doomed to fail if it overlooks the role of its people in determining the success of the project, says Krishna Arani, SVP and GM, Asia Pacific and Middle East at Aspect Software.

2 Oct

The importance of 'bedside manner' in business

Strategic account management helps to build trust, loyalty, innovation and profitability, but requires a consultant with the right 'bedside manner', says Keyrus.


White paper: The Impending Contact Centre Disruption

Artificial intelligence is about to disrupt self-service functionality within contact centres, says Mitel.


RFID solution enables continuous baggage tracking

IATA requires airlines to reduce mishandling of baggage by implementing cross-industry tracking, says SICK Automation.


Why BPM and data analytics are a powerful combination

Unlocking the as yet untapped treasure trove of Business Process Management systems could release just the kind of data businesses need.


How data analytics helps during recession

Cash flow visibility is crucial, as are transaction insights, and accurate and real-time bank balances, says Gerrit Olivier, CEO of About IT.


RPA: Automate work that no one wants to, or should do

Robotic process automation allows people to staff to focus on tasks that truly need human intervention.