Business Intelligence

Qlik unlocks BI value for UK consultancy

Copperman Consulting, a company in which Decision Inc. has acquired a majority stake, is using the Qlik open data analytics platform.


Webinar: The alchemy of data

Traditional business intelligence approaches are not able to provide the digital organisation with the level of insight that the modern business environment demands, says Dimension Data.


IsoMetrix helps customers embrace BI with Qlik

The company selected Qlik to enable the delivery of commercially available, agile and flexible business intelligence functionality.


Debunking data virtualisation

When it comes to data virtualisation, there is a distinct difference between what was promised, versus the actual onsite experience.


Veritas Predictive Insights prevents unplanned downtime

The solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and prevent unplanned downtime.


Debunking the myths of managed services

The reality is that MSPs are no longer just about systems integration, says Dimension Data.

5 Dec

Microsoft Head Start: an end-to-end programme built to help tech startups grow

Tech startups could make SA more globally competitive, aid in creating jobs.


Digital newcomers to disrupt South African banking

Armed with low-cost operating models, three digital banks bet on aggressive pricing and data analytics to attract tech-savvy, price-conscious consumers.


AIGS partners with POC on BI solutions

AIGS Insights will embed Yellowfin's business intelligence software into POC's data management solutions.


FNB's head of analytics: Data-driven decision-making leads to more profitability

Data analytics has moved from being reactive to being proactive, says FNB's Yudhvir Seetharam.


The importance of an information strategy

There is a business-critical need to extract intelligence out of data and deliver it as efficiently as possible to those executives that guide business strategy, says Rudie Vermaak, Associate Client Partner at Decision Inc.