Data breaches rising at alarming rate, says InfoReg

South Africa’s Information Regulator reveals data breach notifications of as many as 150 a month, up from 56 this time last year.


Unleashing the power of

Workflow and project management solution is coming to SA.


EXCLUSIVE: InfoReg cracks whip on pesky direct marketing calls

South Africa’s Information Regulator takes a strong stance against telemarketers, deciding that telemarketing by telephone constitutes electronic communication.


Customer-agent matching key to curtailing customer churn, boosting employee retention

Customer-agent matching employs advanced algorithms, machine learning and sentiment analysis to pair customers with the most suitable agents, says Leon Katzke, chief software officer at Smartz Solutions.

Kaizania19 Feb

Unlocking potential

Designed to help product management use design thinking to put customers at the centre of everything they do, Kaizania's Agile Product Management course offers techniques to help align strategy and customer needs.

True I/O16 Feb

True I/O taps Vincent Maher as global CEO

The US-based blockchain firm partners with SA’s Digital Solutions Group and appoints ICT heavyweight Vincent Maher as global CEO.

SME14 Feb

Unlocking growth: How SMEs can thrive with AI, data analytics

AI technologies allow SMEs to analyse vast datasets quickly and accurately, unveiling patterns and insights essential for strategic planning.


Employee experience predictions for 2024: A new era of engagement

The key to transforming employee experiences in contact centres lies in moving beyond mere task allocation.


Ramaphosa outlines plans to attract digital nomads to SA

The South African government looks to reform the country’s visa system to attract remote workers, says president Cyril Ramaphosa.


Revolutionising BFSI: The emergence of conversational banking in the digital age

By leveraging AI and machine learning, banks can interact with customers in real-time through their preferred communication channels: chat, voice or text.

Telkom8 Feb

Telkom unleashes innovation from within

Commitment to innovation sees winning employees of the Telkom Group’s Innovation Challenge bag up to R1.25 million in prize money.


Revolutionise your workflow: Unleashing the power of with The CRM Team

The CRM Team will collaborate with to present a live webinar: 'Work smarter, not harder', on 29 February.