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BI trends to take note of in 2018

New technologies will help companies realise a return on investment in business intelligence and analytics, say experts.

Challenges in the African BI landscape

Businesses aren't keeping up with adequate research and insight into this unique market, says MediaCom.

Read data like a book

Organisations that tap into data and use it to inform decision-making and follow customer demand are more likely to succeed, says Kethan Pharboo, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer at Microsoft South Africa.

Long live the virtual whiteboard!

Tech tools enable modern workplace collaboration, says Ocular Technologies

Data analytics provides an answer to POPI challenges

7 Mar

As the POPI Act looms, businesses are trying to straddle the line between data mining and data protection.

Customer experience grows up

Companies must move beyond the idea that personalised content is enough, as personalised experiences offer so much more.

Standard Bank platform tracks customer behaviour trends

CustomerView gives merchants aggregated data insights to help them understand the demographics and spending patterns of customers.

Making money from WiFi

Retailers can use the provision of connectivity to shoppers as a means of gaining more relevant information about them, thereby enabling better service and driving more sales.

Mind the gap

Companies must harness competitive behaviour to break down departmental silos, says Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO.

Transform your reps from finches into falcons

Introducing the right e-commerce software into your B2B business empowers your smaller customers to be mostly self-sufficient, says Comalytics.