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10 hours ago

How to craft a great UX design portfolio

While you don't need a formal degree to be a UX designer, an awesome portfolio, to show you know what you're doing, is a must, says DVT's Lizette Spangenberg.


The connected customer: delivering an effortless experience

Customer experience continues to be one of the greatest challenges across Africa and the Middle East, at a time when client expectations are the highest they have ever been, says Dimension Data.


Video: Digital transformation: a human-centric approach

Avoid a disorganised, haphazard approach to implementing customer experience strategies.


Move to cloud crucial for business response to COVID-19

Insurers that have been unable or unwilling to make the move to the cloud will struggle to effectively do business during the lockdown, says Lee Kuyper, COO at SilverBridge.


White paper: Ten best practices for WFH contact centres

With the recent mass transition of agents to work from home, organisations and employees must adapt to a new and demanding reality.

1 Apr

SA’s mobile marketing start-up Mobiz gets R18m funding

Mobiz will use the investment to fund expansion as it looks to grow its footprint in the US and Europe.


Managing your off-site contact centre

When it comes to remote working, communication is even more crucial to effective team management, says 1Stream.


Tracking and isolating COVID-19 cases with WiFi technology

The same solutions implemented in shopping malls to provide free WiFi connectivity can help track the movement of people, thus helping to prevent the spread of the virus, says Quentin Daffarn, MD at UC-Wireless.

26 Mar

Meeting the demands of the B2B market

Once overwhelmingly based on volume and long-term projects, the B2B market has recognised the rising prominence of services and customer-centricity, says Rory Twort, Managing Executive of Sales at Axiz.


Is artificial intelligence reinventing insurance?

AI is not reinventing insurance, but it is part of the mix of technologies that is causing a shift in insurance today, says Bill Hoggarth, national sales manager: digital business solutions at Datacentrix.


Customer-focused AI – not just science fiction

The tactical use of artificial intelligence to glean deep client insights will enable companies to begin delivering proactive, personalised customer service.

23 Mar

Innovative SA companies adapt to COVID-19

Call centres are looking to allow their staff to operate from home, says 1Stream.